The election writ has not yet been dropped and the smears have already started, thanks to the bought and paid for Liberal media.


Yesterday’s National Newswatch went for the drive by smear tactic as they blared the headline from the Toronto Star that back in 2005, “Andrew Scheer said gay couples lack ‘inherent’ quality of marriage.”

It seems that Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale woke up from a long snooze and conveniently released this tape yesterday for the media minions to pounce on while the Liberals were out spending your money trying to prop up their failing fortunes in Quebec – here and here. 

Along with those carrots,the Liberals are forking out more of your money to combat the “rise of far-right in Quebec”.  



All in all, a busy day of campaigning for the Liberals and of course, complete amnesia from Liberal MP’s about #LAVSCAM.


But, the Conservatives fired back and fired back  hard against the Liberals and their virtue signaling stories.


The Conservative Party released a list of all of the Liberal MPs who have opposed same-sex marriage– including Ralph Goodale, who released the tape.


It wasn’t just who voted in 1995, it was the comments made by Liberal MP’s such as MP Roger Cuzner (Cape Breton-Canso), MP John McKay ( Scarborough-Guildwood) and Francis Scarpaleggia (candidate for Lac-Saint-Louis).


Of the comments mentioned, the MP McKay most frequently argued against gay marriage in the past.


“MP Cuzner has claimed in the past that traditional marriage “is the single best relationship in which men relate to women” and that it is based on the pillar of being between one man and one woman.”

Conservative MP and House Leader Candice Bergen went after Goodale and Justin Trudeau, saying this:


Along with the weak smears put out against Andrew Scheer, there was another hit piece released yesterday against Cosmin Dzsurdzsa,  a journalist at the Post Millennial, done by the National Observer – on on-line publication run from BC by Joel and Linda Solomon who, according to researcher Vivian Krause, “are funded in part by the Tides Foundation, based in San Francisco, and its Canadian counter-part, the Tides Canada Foundation, based in Vancouver.”

Co-founder Linda Solomon also has the dubious distinction of having “faked” a Pulitzer Prize nomination on the cover of her vanity press book in 2010.”

Along with this background, the Observer is, according to the Post Millenial, receiving funds from the Liberal media bailout money, to the tune of $200,000.


The article is the worst kind of “guilt by association” story that tries to smear someone for past associations in hopes of assuming that the person still holds those associations or thoughts. It’s done in the absence of facts about any given issue and is, according to the Post Millenial’s response: “gross and unworthy of publication.”

Sad to say, this is the state of what passes for journalism today. Facts have long gone out the window and have been replaced by half-truths and assumptions from the mainstream media and in the on-line world, all in hope of grabbing the attention of the public with “shock” headlines. That used to be the job of “scandal sheets” like the National Enquirer, using “unnamed sources” and “insiders.”

The Liberal party has been a master of this tactic through their media when they went after Jody Wilson-Raybould after LAVSCAM broke, insinuating, among other things that she was the one who leaked the story to the press.

According to Wilson-Raybould’s testimony, “Justin Trudeau’s chief of staff Katie Telford said that “if Jody is nervous [about giving into government attempts to obstruct justice], we would of course line up all kinds of people to write op eds saying that what she’s doing is proper.”



That didn’t end with that allegation. The Liberal media bailout has gone much further than that money handed out. It’s destroying not only the credibility of the press, it is sowing seeds of distrust across Canada. Who do you believe these days? When you read articles or see reports, how do you know if it’s “fake” or “real?”

No government in a democratically run country should have this kind of power over the media. That’s reserved for countries like China who routinely bar their citizens from news sites and social media.

Once upon a time, Canada had “SUN NEWS NETWORK”, which was billed as “hard news and straight talk” and provided an alternate point of view to the liberal leaning mainstream outlets that dominated the Canadian airwaves. The station hit a chord with Canadians and in spite of opposition to them being approved by the CRTC, they went on the air in 2011.

In spite of many obstacles and some controversies, they stayed on the air until 2014 when the CRTC stopped their application to be added to the basic cable channels in order to increase viewership. Many personalities such as Brian Lilley from SUN NEWS are now with other publications and are still calling out the Liberals and Justin Trudeau on a regular basis.

What we have now is a Liberal Party that is desperate to control the message both through the mainstream media and on-line – to deflect away from their abysmal record on so many files – immigration, the economy, NAFTA, foreign affairs, and of course, the ethics breaches that have been part and parcel of their time in office.

People in glass houses should not throw stones. By bringing the past to light, the Liberals open a door to others to go back and bring their past to light.

Thankfully, there are alternatives out there willing to call out the Liberals for their bad behavior, based on facts, not on drive by smears.

Spencer Fernando noted this after the latest smears against Andrew Scheer:

“This is a time-worn political tactic for a desperate political party: If you can’t defend your record, attack the other guy. And if the other guy isn’t a good enough target, invent a fake version of your opponent and campaign against that.

The last word goes to the Post Millenial, recipient of the latest attempt at smear journalism:

“In the end, the National Observer’s attempt to hit us was another swing and a miss by a left-leaning, pearl-clutching media outlet desperate to discredit us as we grow. The truth is that we continue to provide Canadians with the ideologically diverse journalism and commentary they crave, and outlets like the National Observer hate us for it. Perhaps one day soon, they will give up on this high school nonsense and set their sights on the real issues that Canadians care about.


So, here’s a challenge: Why not take this opportunity, National Observer (and BuzzFeed and Toronto Star and to a lesser extent CBC for that matter), to disavow this petty, pointless deplatforming game? There are real abuses of power, real bad actors, real scandals to cover. Canadians are desperate to read about these real things. It’s why we’ve grown to four times your size in a matter of months. Why not try journalism instead, National Observer? It works for us.”