A Little More CO2

Our trace Gas of Life CO2 has been increasing for the last few decades. Has that been beneficial? ABSOLUTELY! A little more CO2 is greening the planet.

And helping cause a string of world record crop yields.

In recent past (fifty years), CO2 concentrations have been increasing, probably from our 85% of the world’s energy, fossil fuels. Has that been harmful? Absolutely NOT. Without CO2, all life would be dead on our planet. CO2, along with water, are the two molecular building blocks of life (through photosynthesis). Life is solar powered. And unlike solar power, life keeps working at night. Today CO2 concentrations are at all-time lows in life’s history (of 180-7000ppm). A little more CO2 from our Canadian energy has been a Godsend to the world. Here’s Gregory Wrightstone’s (M.Sc.) Inconvenient Facts!

No scientist worth any serious consideration questions these positive aspects of a little more CO2. Here is CO2’s most important role in the atmosphere. It along with water are the two basic building blocks of life on this planet. Through photosynthesis, CO2 creates the long chain carbon molecule sugar. This powers life and is the basis for all of our carbon based lifeforms. Plants, animals, and even photosynthetic microscopic life. CFACT

Our Natural Drivers of Climate

There are many natural drivers of climate. It’s an open question whether CO2 would even make the list. CO2 concentrations go up and down with temperature because CO2 solubility in water goes up (in cooler water) and down (in warmer water). So as water warms, CO2 outgasses. In the paleoclimate record CO2 concentration follows temperature (CO2 lags). It doesn’t affect temperature. Temperature affects CO2 concentrations. Here’s Dr. Patrick Moore.

And here is an incomplete list of the most powerful natural drivers of climate in descending order… They all operate simultaneously. Only in the Liberal mind did those natural drivers stop when our man made increase in CO2 began.

First, the most powerful climate driver is MILANKOVITCH ECCENTRICITY. It has a 100,000 year frequency. It is caused by the regular cyclical configuration of our solar system’s neighbors and Earth’s. Our solar orbital shape is pulled from nearly circular to a more elongated ellipse. While circular, as we are today, our global temperature is at its highest, about 13 degrees C higher than the coldest phase. Our current phase of M.Eccentricity causes what is called an ‘interglacial’. Interglacials like today’s are always a short 10-15 thousand years. The rest of the M.Eccentricity cycle causes what we commonly call an ‘ice age’. Actually it’s a glacial phase of our current ongoing Pleistocene/Holocene ice age. 3000 ft thick ice right down to the center of the continental US, worldwide. There is an equal incursion of ice in the southern hemisphere. 

The next most powerful driver is VARYING SOLAR OUTPUT CYCLES. That variation in solar output causes a four-degree range of global temperature on Earth (warmer and cooler) during our current interglacial (also called the Holocene). During this short (10-12 thousand years so far) interglacial (of humanity’s 300 thousand year existence), we’ve developed agriculture, civilization, and today’s computer regulated, fossil fuel powered industrial civilization. The most recent uptick in temperature began a few hundred years ago in the Little Ice Age. Well before our modern increase of CO2. That natural warming continues today, with pauses. We’re about in the center of that range. Half of the last ten thousand years have been warmer than today. With lower CO2 levels. The following graph exaggerates today’s natural warming slightly. Under Obama, Chicken Little James Hansen’s life sciences adjusted the temperatures to read warmer.

A third most powerful driver is SVENSMARK AND NAVIV’S COSMIC RAY DRIVEN CLOUD CYCLES. It’s the only natural climate driver that explains the warming-pausing-warming pattern of our planet’s global temperature. (except for ENSO, we’ve been paused for the last twenty years). The link is for their movie. The Cloud Mystery. The graph shows our increasing CO2 while the temperature remains ‘paused’. Correlation is not causation.

The last, and least powerful of these natural drivers is ENSO, the El Nino Southern Oscillation. It caused the peaks of temperature in 1998 and 2016. It is relatively short-lived but appears to have a powerful influence on drought and rain in my part of the world. It is a regular cycle of Southern Pacific temperatures off the coast of S.America.

And here, in graphic form is the disconnect between our ‘recent’ CO2 increase and global temperature. In paleoclimate historical context, CO2 has increased 40% from our near lethally low levels. And global temperatures remain well within our natural norms. They haven’t budged an inch outside of natural temperatures. This graph is from Climate Change: Evidence and Causes, a joint publication of the Royal Society and the National Academy of Science. The top line is our 40% man made increase in the trace Gas of Life CO2. The bottom line is our nearly completely unaffected global temperature. Where’s the crisis? Thank you fossil fuels for our entirely beneficial increase in our trace Gas of Life CO2. The side benefit is worth nearly as much as the 85% of the world’s energy!

One last note from Bjorn Lomborg on the dangers of climate during the last one hundred years of our fossil fuel driven civilization. THEY’RE ONE HUNDRED TIMES SAFER THAN ONE HUNDRED YEARS AGO!

Happy CLEXIT everyone! Time to focus on actual problems.