The year is 2015 with a Federal Election looming. A group of like-minded conservatives from across Canada got together to look at options to deal with a biased media favouring a switch to a government led by the left fuelled by unions, environmentalists and foreign interests opposing Canada’s oil and gas industry.

It started with a conversation between Kim Purdy, from Alberta, and I, Larry Brandt from Manitoba, in April of 2015. With a board of about 24 people from coast to coast we started Social Media pages for each province with the intention of dealing with both provincial and federal elections.

We set some early goals to be reached by Election Day of 2015 and far exceeded all of them. With a reach of twice our goal achieved before the election, we realized there was a need for alternative media. Since 2015 many others have followed a similar pattern of regional and national pages successfully.

Active pages include British Columbia Canada Campaign, Alberta Canada Campaign, Saskatchewan Canada Campaign, Manitoba Canada Campaign, Ontario Canada Campaign, Quebec Canada Campaign and the national page called Canada Campaign, our latest addition, only a few months old. The Global and Mail reported us having 5 pages – leaving out B.C. and Alberta.

Alex Boutilier of the Toronto Star, working with BuzzFeed News, wrote, “We noticed that Campaign Canada seems to be doing well in terms of Facebook impressions, despite being relatively new.”





Justin Ling, who has written for VICE, Canadaland, the leftwing Guardian out of the United Kingdom, and has a podcast on CBC, had this to say when we expressed our suspicion to why the sudden surge of interest from leftwing media, “I came across your pages by happenstance this morning. If there’s other media interested, its a coincidence. Or, I guess, testament to how successful you’ve been at advertising yourselves”.

To get to the comments, left by readers on the article by Justin Ling, I had to pay for my subscription to The Global and Mail. The reactions certainly were not supportive of the writers views.

1) Canada’s new election-financing rules DO NOT ATTEMPT to regulate all third-party political activity.

US tax laws require US base foundations to report where their money goes..These foundations have reported the millions of dollars sent to Canada to finance organizations whose intent is to impact political policy.

2) This non- controllability of social media will only upset someone bent on buying & controlling Canadian media coverage.
Ahem.. Justin? Hello..??

3) The author chooses to talk about a conservative-biased page for the entirety of the article.

Does he truly believe that we are all so stupid as to think there are not equally biased liberal pages??

The CBC correspondent, who wasn’t identified, was mostly interested in how we were connected to the Conservative Party of Canada, and were they, the Party, aware we were posting ‘fake’ news. One of our pages had posted an article from the Buffalo Chronicle, deemed fake by Justin Ling who, when pressed for clarification by the Chronicle’s publisher, could only point to a technical error.

The success of alternative media might not worry the leftwing media too much if it were not for the polls indicating that their star leader, Justin Trudeau, is destroying the chances of a fall election victory for the Liberal Party. Since Justin Trudeau is undeterred by his own Party members, like the four women who left or were forced out of the Liberal Party, or the media criticizing his actions on LAVSCAM and the Mark Norman case, the MSM is turning its attention to limiting the alternative media such the Canada Campaign group. Unfortunately for the biased media, like Justin Ling from The Globe and Mail states, because we do not fall under the Elections Act due to our grassroots activism, we may go untouched.

The Globe and Mail, CBC, and the Toronto Star/BuzzFeed News, over a period of a month, reached out for an interview. It appeared the main reasons for their interest in our Social Media was to determine how we were connected to the Conservative Party of Canada; to determine if we had any administrators from other countries; and are we posting ‘fake’ news articles.

First, the Canada Campaign group and the Conservative Party of Canada don’t answer to each other. We are conservatives first and supporters second and because our values best align with the CPC that’s who we want to govern our country again starting this fall. We will make every effort to influence the election results.

Secondly, all our administrators, for the Canada Campaign group, are Canadian. What caused Justin Ling some angst was, according to him, that a page called Canadian Conservatives had a few foreigners as admins. The founder, who shall remain unnamed, denied that there were any admins from other country’s. I’m not privy to any details on the business side of the page as I am a contributor only, and have been for over 5 years.

Lastly, the purveyors of fake news are now the guardians of ‘truth’ – talk about the fox guarding the hen house. We may post articles that some may not like or agree with but we take extra care in publishing only what’s factual. On occasion we have removed items when an error is drawn to our attention. As pointed out earlier we were accused of posting ‘fake’ news that wasn’t fake – by the CBC – who are often caught putting out their opinions and preferences over facts. Especially when reporting on Israel and the Middle East.

In all of Justin Ling’s efforts here are the two most negative comments of the approximately 700 posts we share across all pages, per month:

Earlier in May, one page opined: “Global cooling, global warming, climate change. … Call it what you like, it still doesn’t make it real.”

Renaming climate to suite your opinions doesn’t change reality – does it? Not last time I checked.

This week the Ontario page linked to a poll showing that half of the country admits to having racist thoughts, adding: “Has any of the media dared to ask Muslims if they prefer Sharia law in Canada?”

Why don’t they ask it? What are they afraid of?

In recent months we’ve been attacked by the new ‘independent fact-checkers’ placed by Facebook. A handful of our posts were flagged as ‘misleading’. Where we were allowed to see which posts were targeted we could respond to clarify why they were not misleading and they reinstated them. Other flagged posts we were not given any details and had no recourse. You would think if they had found something misleading they would want us to know so we could correct or remove the post ourselves, but obviously that’s not their objective. They are looking for ways to limit our reach and we have noticed a substantial drop in numbers. Our number of followers are growing but our reach has taken a major hit.

If the ‘fact-checkers’ were factual, it would be welcome news, however, our experience shows otherwise. Here is a look at what they are ‘looking’ for:

Facebook will add a warning to stories deemed misleading and offer other sources of information. False stories will be severely downgraded in the platform’s news feed, and users or sites that repeatedly post false news will face reduced distribution and advertising revenue.

“The AFP fact-checkers could find [misleading stories] by themselves. They will also rely on individuals, Canadians who are on Facebook, reporting these things to us. The third way, over time, will be [artificial intelligence] tools that will be able to proactively identify them,” he said.

It is apparent the left have to fabricate a crisis to further their goal of limiting the ‘small people’. Creating division wherever possible, using all options regardless of how corrupt it is. There is only one way to change this and that is to vote for the only champions of freedom that are poised to win the fall election, by marking your ballot for the Andrew Scheer led Conservatives.


Coming soon is a new platform of Social Media who are promising a public forum without restrictions on free speech. Dr. Jordan Peterson the Toronto university professor who gained the spotlight when he opposed the compelled speech Bill, Bill C-16. A censorship-free Social Media platform couldn’t have come at a better time, when the Big Tech companies are placing unprecedented censorships on free speech. Thinkspot is in beta form and you can get on the waiting list by going to their site and sign up. I know of many who are joining, as have I.