We are living in incredibly dangerous times when the entire political, educational, and media establishment are in full agreement with this ever increasing socialist, dictatorial, political agenda of the left.

Many people are succumbing to their greatest weapon- “political correctness”. Together they will try to smear anybody who opposes them. Living in a country run by fanatical liberals isn’t all that concerning. What is actually troubling is more and more conservatives are being forced to embrace and honour their insanity.

There has been a massive inversion of morals, common sense, decency and a total perversion of values in society, especially after the last Federal election.
Conservatives have a hard battle to win when others are doing everything to silence you, including the liberal biased News Media.

Before the Nazi’s succeeded in turning Germany into a one-party dictatorship, they orchestrated a massive propaganda campaign to win over the majority of Germans by taking control of all forms of communication, including radio, newspapers, magazines, books, even public rallies. Viewpoints that were threatening in any way to Nazi ideas or to the regime were censored or eliminated from all media. The parallels with today’s liberal biased media are astounding.

Canadian Media Networks possess a tremendous amount of weight and significant influence. Unfortunately, they have recently been commandeered by the federal government in order to sway public opinion and perpetuate the liberal cause.
The expropriation of our mainstream News Networks is extremely dangerous to democracy.

No free society can survive a nation whose media centres are gorging themselves on fascist government handouts, while smearing all others who oppose their radical agenda.

I hope our News Centres will curb their liberal bias after the next federal election when the current administration is kicked off the hill by a Conservative election victory in October.

I would like to imagine, they, along with other media outlets in Canada, will regain some integrity and honesty by reporting in a neutral, unbiased fashion. They have really been a prime catalyst in dividing and damaging this country……