“We don’t have a government in Ottawa; we have an Instagram page with executive authority.”

(Rex Murphy)


It’s what Canadians always knew – that this Trudeau government is anti-oil and resource development and is going to the ends of the earth to destroy Canada’s economy and leave Canadians struggling to keep their families fed, clothed and keep a roof over their heads.  How are families supposed to get ahead when good paying jobs are pulled away and replaced with unemployment and more Canadians living below the poverty line?

We are now being labeled through the world as a country that is “inhospitable to energy development.  Is it any wonder when we don’t have a leader who won’t lead and a government who won’t govern?

This was proven yesterday – because to no one’s surprise, Teck Resources pulled out of their development – despite their apparent decade of interest in pursuing the project owing to the Liberal’s ridiculous demands to appease their unreachable climate goals from the Paris Accord, bolstered by activists, populated by out of country rent-a-mobs who it seems now, run Canada -with Trudeau as their de-facto puppet leader.



“In a letter to the environment minister published late Sunday, Teck chief executive Don Lindsay said the company made the decision as protests against a separate pipeline project stretch into their second week, blocking rail lines across the country and occupying public spaces. Lindsay said the Frontier project put his company “squarely at the nexus” of much deeper-lying tensions in Canada between natural resource extraction and First Nation land claims.


“The promise of Canada’s potential will not be realized until governments can reach agreement around how climate policy considerations will be addressed in the context of future responsible energy sector development,” Lindsay said in his letter. “Without clarity on this critical question, the situation that has faced Frontier will be faced by future projects and it will be very difficult to attract future investment, either domestic or foreign.”


One of the tragedies in Teck’s decision to cancel is just yesterday, two more Indigenous bands approved of the project.


It’s being reported that David Suzuki – activist extraordinaire, “claimed victory when Teck was cancelled.


This is what the Liberals rejected for Canada in favour of a radical climate agenda.

  • The project is expected to create 7000 jobs during construction, and a minimum of 2,500 people will remain employed at the mine during its life.
  • The Teck Frontier mine is expected to remain in operation for over 40 years, creating a source of multi-generational prosperity in Northern Alberta.
  • Over a 40 year period, the government is expected to receive $70 billion in tax revenues from the project, enough to pay off the entirety of Alberta’s current debt.
  • The project will not cost taxpayers a dime.
  • The initial construction of the mine and its infrastructure would be a major economic boost at a time when many Albertans are struggling to find a job.
  • The project has the backing of all 14 First Nations communities in the area affected by the mine.
    • Teck Resources Limited has been praised by local Metis leaders for their level of engagement with the Metis community.
  • Teck Resources Limited is a company which has already made a strong environmental impact.
    • Since 2011, they cut their greenhouse gas emissions by 289,000 tonnes, the same taking 88,000 cars off the road.
    • They have committed to being a net-zero emissions company by 2050.


As of this writing – with Teck now finished, the rent-a-mobs have caused MORE “service disruptions” along Ontario’s busiest commuter route, forcing closure of train tracks to GO Trains, causing unneeded chaos for commuters from Niagara to Toronto, all thanks to Trudeau’s lack of leadership.  Along with that, Caledonia, a former hotbed of dissent is once again being peppered with blockades, owing to the OPP taking down blockades along train tracks in Belleville. Where will this end?


Justin Trudeau and his trained, clapping Liberal seals, many of whom pressured Trudeau to kill Teck are relying on or, possibly hiding behind using “dialogue” and “reconciliation” to move things forward at their own pace, with their aims, which are not the aims of Canadians.

The problem is – it’s not working. Trudeau had to be goaded, shamed and pressured into upholding the rule of law when it came to taking down the blockades that have brought Canada’s economy to a standstill while he was off cavorting in Africa, spending more of our money in pursuit of a seat in the UN Security Council.

As soon as Trudeau wanted the blockades gone, more blockades went up and once again, the rule of law went out of the window. How can you have a peaceful resolution when the activists are creating chaos across Canada and the government sits back and lets this happen?

Conservative leader Andrew Scheer spoke the truth when he called out Trudeau for “weak leadership”, both when it came to dealing with the blockades and the cancellation of Teck which he feels, are related.

“Mr. Scheer said the Prime Minister’s weakness over the last few weeks has sent a signal to businesses across Canada that the rule of law will not be upheld, court injunctions will not be enforced, and major projects cannot get built,”

He doubled down on the comments outside the House of Commons on Monday afternoon.

“The fact that he has done literally nothing for 19 days while illegal blockades have brought our economy to its knees sends a very strong signal to proponents in the energy sector that this government will not uphold the rule of law, and that they will be on their own,” Scheer said.”

Of course, the NDP was more concerned about “de-escalation,” and feels that the police upholding the rule of law is not a good way to handle things. And to no one’s surprise, the Bloc Quebecois put forth a motion to kill the Teck Mine while resource projects in Quebec don’t face anywhere near the scrutiny that mines and resource projects in Alberta get.


The biggest resource Canada is missing now is leadership to stand up to those who are trying to tear Canada down. Instead, we have a leaderless, rudderless, gutless and feckless Liberal party and Prime Minister who sides more with the activists than Canadians.

As it stands, A clear majority of Canadians — 61% — disagree with the protesters and see the blockades as unjustified. More than half of the country wants the police to arrest the protesters and end the disruptions.” “Scheer speaks for many Canadians, and yet, Trudeau refuses to listen.”



The next step forward – what can be done to stop this derailing train known as Canada?

  • It’s almost like this situation was preordained when the Liberals ended up with a minority government in October 2019 – that this would all explode the way it has. There are no easy answers to this mess, if there were, they would have been done already.  If we thought Trudeau was inept during a majority government, what is happening now goes beyond ineptness. He’s a trainwreck as a leader and has lost all moral authority to govern.


  • The only thing we as Canadians who believe in the Canada  can do is to stay united in our desire to bring back the Canada that we know – the country that respects the rule of law and gives all the opportunity to succeed, along with being a country that was once respected around the world.


  • This government can’t last much longer the way it is going now. All we can do is hope that Canadians opt for the above when push comes to shove and we go to the polls again.


As it stands now, we have become a banana republic with the radicals – both in and out of government running the show and a leader who does not have the backbone or desire to fix it.


Canada is now a runaway train, derailing fast, blockade by both protesters and a government who doesn’t want to stop it.