It’s an election year and the Liberals are handing out more of our money to grease palms in vote rich Ontario.


Last week on July 24 2019, Marie-Claude Bibeau, Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food  was all smiles when she presented 16 million dollars to Ontario”s Gay Lea Foods Ltd., all to create 13 new jobs.


Not to be outdone, Environment and Climate Change Minister Catherine McKenna has rewarded CANADIAN SOLAR with 8 million dollars. This company reported net revenues of $ 484.7 million in the first quarter of 2019 alone. It’s “one of the largest solar companies in the world,” according to its website.

According to McKenna, federal funding is expected to “develop a solar panel that is 20 per cent more energy efficient and create more than 50 good jobs.”


Think about the 12 million she gave to Loblaws last April, a company that had a profit of nearly $ 800 million last year. This subsidy was handed out just after Trudeau’s carbon tax came into effect in Manitoba, Ontario, Saskatchewan and New Brunswick

And to boot, “Two Loblaws lobbyists, one of which helped steer the company towards a controversial $12-million federal grant to reduce the energy consumption of their refrigerators, also donated frequently to the Liberal Party and attended a partisan fundraising event with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Environment and Climate Change Minister Catherine McKenna and two of her senior officials also met with one of the lobbyists representing Loblaw Companies Ltd., soon after the grant program had opened to businesses, her office confirmed.”


It’s no wonder Liberal math doesn’t add up. So far, these three handouts – in an election year add up to 36 million dollars of our money – and for what? Sixty three jobs throughout the province of Ontario.

These handouts have been described as “welfare for billionaires.”

It’s that and more. It’s nothing more than shameless pork barreling by a party who promised to “do things differently” as an election promise in 2015.


What is boils down to is this: Different Liberals, same ethics.