Honest Reporting Canada has been monitoring news regarding Israel and its neighbours. CBC in particular have been watched closely, being their reporting on the Middle East needs constant corrections. When HRC presents the facts the CBC will do a retraction. The damage has been done because many readers will never see, or read the retractions.

While the headline in a recent article read:

CBC The Weekly Wrong to Cast Israeli PM as Seeking War With Iran

(CBC The Weekly, wrong to cast Israel PM as seeking war with Iran) it seemed appropriate, for our purposes, to headline ‘CBC – The Weekly Wrong’. The CBC seems to intentionally put a twist to stories to mislead its audience.

This is not isolated to the Middle East.

The Covington Catholic controversy is a glaring example. One of the kids, identified as Covington Catholic High School student Nick Sandmann, gets up in Phillips’s face and smirks, unaffected by Phillips’s drumming. It looks like a straightforward story of privileged racist white kids harassing a peaceful Native protester.

But shortly after the short clip went viral, a pushback began when the full video was released showing the opposite to be true. By that time the Main Stream Media had piled on, including the CBC. Well it took CBC approximately a month to do a retraction on how they reported it – AFTER they were reminded.

Another example is the so-called ‘hijab hoax’, when an 11 year old girl accused someone of trying to cut her hijab. Trudeau’s Tweet read, saying “incidents like this cannot be tolerated.” The Toronto Police later reported “the incident did not happen”.

We are not aware that CBC did a retraction after reporting this story.

So what gives the CBC, and other left-wing media, the moral authority to do a witch hunt on alternative media to point out ‘fake news’, when a thorough search of their own content would reveal the greatest blunder of fake news?

Clean up your own backyard before you come slithering around.