It’s always nice to spend other people’s money but in this case, the money the Liberals are throwing to every corner of Canada prior to the election writ being dropped – IS OUR MONEY.

In other words, we are paying for the Liberals to try and buy their way to victory. What’s a few billion here and there among friends? Under Canada’s fixed-date elections law, the earliest Prime Minister Justin Trudeau could call this fall’s election would be Sept. 1 and the latest would be Sept. 15. Once he calls the election, all those spending announcements would stop.

The Liberal spending spree is bordering on the obscene with the latest round of spending announcements with 2.8 BILLION being spent last week on 277 spending commitments made from Aug. 19 to Aug. 25 2019. on things like  fixing up bus stops in London, Ont., to building new dressing rooms at a hockey rink in western P.E.I., to funding a youth exchange program to be run by Tides Canada.

The week before – August. 11-18 — Liberal MPs and ministers made 595 spending commitments worth a total of $4.9 BILLION dollars.

Here’s a sample from July – August 2019 out in British Columbia.

• July 2: $18 million for rural B.C. internet services.

• July 3: $1.2 million for the Kamloops airport.

• July 3: $185 million for B.C. transportation infrastructure including interior highway improvements.

• July 3: $1 million to support B.C. women entrepreneurs.

• July 5: $13 million for B.C. salmon-habitat restoration.

• July 8: $1.2 million to support B.C. dairy farms.

• July 13: $31 million for new transit buses, including 10 electric buses in Victoria.

• July 24: $46 million to increase capacity at the Port of Nanaimo.

• Aug. 16: $1.7 million to build an Aboriginal-owned solar-power farm near Williams Lake.

• Aug. 19: $6.1 million to upgrade the Brentwood SkyTrain station in Burnaby.


Keep in mind Trudeau and the Liberals aren’t faring too well in BC so, throwing money around is no problem. Trudeau had the gall to tell Liberal supporters that “they matter” and they “get it.” Right, Justin.

The question is: Will they still “get it” if the Liberals win in October? Hardly.

It all has the rival Conservatives seeing red.”

“Justin Trudeau and the Liberals are jetting around the country, campaigning on the taxpayers’ dime, and trying to buy people’s votes with their own money,” fumed Dan Albas, the Conservative MP from the Central Okanagan.

“On the eve of the election, he’s showering voters in partisan funding announcements in a cynical and desperate bid to cling to power.”

That’s  spending for just one province. what about the rest of Canada?

It’s like a bizzaro world version of  “This Land is your Land” with Trudeau and the Liberals crossing time zones, with chequebooks in hand, handing out billions of your dollars to all parts of Canada – “from Bonavista to Vancouver Island.”



According to Global News and their election spending database, last week’s spending announcements “contained 517 commitments worth $829 million were for projects in which the spending will be exclusively in ridings where the Liberals are the incumbent party; 30 others worth $18.2 million were for projects in ridings where the Conservatives are the incumbent party; and 14 spending announcements worth $56 million were for projects in ridings where the NDP is the incumbent. For the rest of the announcements, like the armoured-vehicle announcement, the money will be spent across multiple ridings or regions.”



Last week’s focus was in the Maritimes, this past week saw the rest of Canada benefiting from Liberal philanthropy.

  • The government was most active last week in Ontario with 110 projects funded for a combined $253 million.



  • In British Columbia, Liberal ministers and MPs announced 29 spending commitments worth a combined $34 million.


  • Prince Edward Island was the fourth most active province for spending announcements, with 22 announcements worth a combined $13.3 million. Veterans Affairs Lawrence MacAulay, alone, was responsible for 16 of those commitments worth $5.3 million — every single one of which will be spent on infrastructure projects in his eastern island riding of Cardigan.


The spending announcements are set to continue Monday with nearly two dozen cheque handouts.


Liberal MPs and ministers have press conferences where they will announce new funding commitments scheduled Monday in Ottawa, Montreal and Vancouver as well as Cornwallis, N.S., Wolfville, N.S., Indian Brook, N.S., Antigonish, N.S., Chipman, N.B., Shediac, N.B., Alma, N.B.,  Macamic, Que., La Sarre, Q.C., Mississauga, Ont., Sault Ste. Marie, Ont., Emerald Park, Sask., Surrey, B.C., Saanichton, B.C, and Burwash Landing, Yukon.


Along with the latest SNC-Lavalin news – which the Liberals want to bury, they are on this flurry of spending to appease their supporters and make them forget about not just LAVSCAM but the other messes the Liberals have made. Things like our economy, torpedoing Canada’s resource sector, the carbon tax, the China disaster and on and on and on.

Our collective piggy bank is empty.


The budget has not balanced itself and these spending announcements are just putting us further into the hole.

Cha-ching, indeed.