Yes, I have heard good things about Karahalios from several people now. I will definitely keep my eye on him. He seems like a very good man.

-Chaz (CM)

Ticking the RIGHT boxes so far 

-Mike (MM)

Well let’s see, I need to hear bold statements, like how to change course on where our country is headed

-John (JG)

Like defunding the CBC see here. Or a unambiguous law regarding unlawful protests see here.

If you support him, I will give him a serious look.

-Lyle (LS)

He’s very well known in Ontario. Took the corrupt Patrick Brown on for his flip flop on the carbon tax. Then took on the PC Party and their corruption. 

His wife is a PC MPP. Jim Karahalios is a lawyer and a no beans about it guy. I was ecstatic when he announced his intention. 

-Sandra (SN)

Worth considering. I value your opinion and judgement.

-Garth (GC)

Let us know if he is coming to the London area. Id like to hear him and question.

-Richard (RW)

I am SO happy you are doing this, Larry! I support Jim as well. We need to get real grass roots momentum going for him as the other two are taking up all the air in the room. Great to hear you’re on his team!!!!

-Elaine (EET)

I know Jim personally and he is a man of his word. I know without question he will protect Canada. Common sense is on it’s way back to our country!!! Fantastic!

-Carmina (CF)

Jim is one of 3 that I would consider to vote for.

-Bill (BD)

Jim Karahalios is right about Erin O’Toole. I’ve watched his video, and he did mention defunding the CBC, but he also spent more time explaining how he would preserve it, including its French language programming and all of CBC radio. Such a weak promise is clearly just loose campaign talk. I do not trust him.

-Rena (RS)

,,, well, well, well!…finally someone speaks my language!…

-Stan (SR)

Finally someone with some brains. Axe the Paris accord and the Carbon Tax.

-John (JR)

Any conservative leader who votes against the UN agenda has my vote!

-Steve (SM)

Will you declare Antifa a domestic terrorist group and implement no masking during protests?

-Stephanie (ST)

I hope he makes it to the Hamiltion area . I’d go to a rally to hear him speak .

-Steve (SS)