Since this COVID-19 pandemic has been considered a “war”, it’s fitting to use the above quote by Greek playright Aeschylus as a headline for this post.


Leaked reports–  that were no surprise to anyone – that COVID-19 originated in a Chinese biological lab in Wuhan province and not their “wet markets,” have put the “disinformation” folk into overdrive, trying to squash these facts that are coming out now on a regular basis from many sources, including the US government and FOX News. 


Many people who have been posting these kinds of reports on social media have been flagged by the so-called “factcheckers”, saying these stories are considered “false information.” Many Conservative leaning Facebook pages and Twitter accounts have been flagged, banned and had traffic throttled down because they dared to share stories that do not toe the COVID-19  “company line” stories.


Our own Liberal government – who has continually bowed down to China over the years, has given them a pass during the pandemic, from sending them 16 tonnes of medical supplies back in February, 2020, to accepting a shipment of medical equipment from Huawei, who is looking to worm its way into Canada’s 5G network in spite of multitudes of warnings from within and outside of Canada.

In return, China, who had been hoarding medical equipment, has sent Canada supplies of medical equipment – masks that are sub-standard and test kits with mould in them.  Just this past March, a shipment of masks, bought and paid for by private donors had their shipment “disappear” before it was shipped from China to Canada.  How generous of them.



Just like the basic dictatorship that Justin Trudeau admires, the Liberals want to set up their own disinformation laws that would call out anyone who does not toe the party line – which is to absolve China ‘s real role in this pandemic mess that has locked Canadians in their homes, instilled new draconian laws against us, closed businesses, disrupted our food supply chain and is about to torpedo the Canadian economy.  It seems that the CBC will be the harbinger of pandemic truth even though they are one of the biggest sources of disinformation about COVID-19. 


This is not a story you will see on the evening news, which is nothing more than body counts, deaths and clips of Justin Trudeau popping out of his Ottawa gopher hole to offer cheap platitudes from his daily script and “speaking moistly.” It’s more along the line of “truth”, which, unlike the socialists who want to see us toeing their line of authoritarian rule, has no agenda.

Keeping all of that that in mind, this latest revelation via ZeroHedge about the cozy relationship between the Facebook fact checker and the Wuhan lab should come as no surprise to anyone.  It’s thanks to real journalists like Sharyl Atkinsson and other sites like Zerohedge and the Epoch Times who have revealed the real stories and have been defamed for reporting the truth.

“A Facebook fact checker who has ‘debunked’ articles suggesting that COVID-19 may have leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) has a giant conflict of interest; she worked at the institute – which is now suspected of accidentally leaking the hyper-virulent virus which has killed over 130,000 people and cast the global economy into chaos.”


Danielle Anderson, who works at Duke University’s NUS Medical School lab in Singapore, also contributes to Science Feedback – which Facebook has been using to slap “False Information” labels on articles claiming that COVID-19 may have originated at the Wuhan institute – where Anderson worked with bat coronavirus.



A quick search of Anderson’s publications reveals no fewer than nine collaborations with Dr. Peng Zhou – a Wuhan scientist experimenting on bat coronavirus (the mention of whom may result in a Twitter ban).


And while Anderson was busy covering for her corona-labmates with Facebook debunkings implicating the WIV, she went on national television to explain that the virus could have only come from outside the lab.


Anderson further peddled the now-debunked wet-market theory in a paper she co-wrote in The Lancet, which reads: “While recognising the tremendous effort by the China CDC team in the early response to the 2019-nCoV outbreak, the small number of team members trained in animal health was probably one of the reasons for the delay in identifying an intermediate animal(s), which is likely to have caused the spread of the virus in a region of the market where wildlife animals were traded and subsequently found to be heavily contaminated. Unfortunately, what animal(s) was involved in transmission remains unknown.”


Any suggestion to the contrary is now deemed ‘False Information’ by Facebook, thanks to the highly conflicted Danielle Anderson and crew over at Science Feedback.


If that wasn’t bad enough, there’s this from the Epoch Times:

“The Epoch Times recently published a documentary to Facebook, “Tracking Down the Origin of Wuhan Coronavirus.”

The documentary went viral across different channels, including Facebook, generating a lot of healthy discussion and more than 70 million views collectively, at last count.



  • However, an “independent fact checker” erroneously marked the video as false. Click here to read the justification provided by the fact checker.


  • The “fact checker” appears to take issue with some of the expert opinions the documentary presents. With the Chinese Communist Party having destroyed evidence and prevented research into the origin of the virus, it’s very difficult to draw any definitive conclusions. It’s not the intent of the film to provide a definitive answer.” That fact checker is Danielle Anderson who, according to the article, “is not independent, as she states: “I will disclose that I am a scientist trained to work in high containment and have collaborative projects with the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV). I have worked in this exact laboratory at various times for the past 2 years. I can personally attest to the strict control and containment measures implemented while working there. The staff at WIV are incredibly competent, hardworking, and are excellent scientists with superb track records.”


It’s the same kind of cover up behavior that happened in Canada when news of the pandemic was trickling out of China back in January, 2020.

There was a story from 2019 where a Chinese researcher and some of her students were booted from Canada’s only level 4 virology laboratory in Winnipeg  under circumstances that were never fully explained. Of course, there were the usual denials from the Liberal government back in January 2020 that there was “nothing to see here”, in spite of a similar incident back in 2009 where former researcher at the lab was convicted of trying to smuggle genetic material from the Ebola virus across the Manitoba-North Dakota border.



But, once the 2020 pandemic began to pick up steam, the 2019 story came to light again – this time, from “ZeroHedge” and there was an immediate denial from the CBC and the Liberals that one thing did not relate to another and that the claims were from “online” sources and were “baseless claims.”

It’s so funny how CBC is now debunking their own stories about the 2019 Winnipeg incident as “fake news,” saying it was an “online rumor.” The story even made its way on Chinese-owned social media app TikTok, where a video pushing these claims was watched more than 350,000 times. “This is misinformation and there is no factual basis for claims being made on social media,” Eric Morrissette, chief of media relations for Health Canada and the Public Health Agency of Canada said in response to queries by CBC News.”


So, who do we trust to get our news from? Certainly not the CBC or, for that matter, any Canadian news outlets. They came into the pandemic under the thumb of the Liberal media bailout of 2019 and now, are holding their hands out for more money from the Liberals in the pandemic bailout, saying that their businesses are losing money.


It’s tough to find a news source that does not have some kind of bias these days, especially from the traditional media. Canadian sites like True North, Post Milennial, along with the Sun newpapers and columnists like Anthony Furey and Brian Lilley are good at cutting through the crap that the MSM and Liberals churn out on an hourly basis.


That being said, we can go into information overload with what the MSM churns out which it seems, is nothing more than body counts and politicizing each and every story, both in Canada and the USA. A good source of information is “ZeroHedge” which so far, has broken the stories used in this post as source material. They have been considered controversial in many circles and have at one time or another, been suspended from Twitter for their controversial stories. But, they are consistent and accurate in their reporting.


However and wherever you get your news, it’s best to limit the time digesting it from any source. The constant negativity from the usual sources can wear even the most optimistic person down.  The same goes for those painful press briefings – both in Canada and the US along with your preferred social media sites.  That being said, to save your sanity, stay away from the comment sections on social media and don’t get into arguments that you know you can’t win.

The biggest war that this pandemic has unleashed is the war on truth – whether it’s the numbers affected, the origin of COVID-19 and the war on those who have the courage to seek the truth and bring out into the limelight.




It’s time for Canada to practice “socialist distancing” from those who wish to hide the truth from Canadians so they can put their own agenda forward.