There have been many like me who, from the beginning of this pandemic mess, have questioned the need not just for these draconian lockdowns around the world and at home, but just how accurate “the numbers” are in relation to just how many cases of the virus there actually are, along with reporting methods of who actually has the virus by the so-called “experts” that our leaders defer to.


A perfect example is in Ontario’s Niagara Region, where their associate Medical Officer of Health decided in the beginning that Niagara residents didn’t need to know “the numbers” until the Region demanded that he released the data.

In spite of these lockdowns – along with the insane “rules” – ones which I think are thought up on the fly, all under the auspices of the state of emergency powers granted to provincial governments, visitors are still flying into Canada while people in Ontario get a lecture from their Premier that if they don’t “follow the rules,” or get tested, they get locked down again.

Is it any wonder that the latest poll by Leger shows that over half of Canadians think that government – from Ottawa on down are “hiding” something? These leaders and their obsessive reliance on the “experts” and their conflicting data has cost us so much in such a short time.

Canada’s “Gopher in the Hole” a.k.a. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has settled into his new role as the “Coward in the Cottage,” dispensing pithy comments to his bought and paid for media – and it’s comments like this do not give much confidence to Canadians nor, is it any way to govern a country.

“Openness and transparency have been the “watch words” of the federal government’s response to the pandemic from the beginning, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said during his daily briefing Monday. But we recognize there’s always more to do in terms of openness and transparency and we will continue to demonstrate that with Canadians because we know fundamentally there is an issue of trust and confidence. He said if Canadians trust that their government is being open and truthful, they’ll be more likely to continue to follow public health advice to curb the spread of the virus.” (May 25 2020)”

Openness and transparency are sorely lacking from a leader who is content to pop his head out of Rideau Cottage and call it good as his contribution to governing Canada.


Along with Trudeau, we have the Canadian media who enable this fear and panic with their breathless daily updates on cases and deaths and going after those who have protested these lockdowns, makes for a scared and compliant public who think that the government has all of the answers here, hence the high number of people who, according to other numbers from this poll think both federal and provincial governments are doing a good job in response to the pandemic.

It’s not just the financial costs to us or the destruction of the economy or the loss of so many businesses and jobs in all sectors of the economy; it’s what these lockdowns have done to all of us as people.


While each and every death from the virus is one death too many, the fallout is just beginning to be felt. It’s not normal and natural to isolate people – whether in their own homes or in long term care homes. It is cruel to deny them access to family members and to events and areas where they can congregate freely – without the conditions that are out there today.

It seems to be an experiment in how far you can push people before they break. Snitch lines are busy and it seems that Canada, like the USA and other countries, has an army of “Karens”, ready to snitch on people who break the rules and will go after those on social media who don’t toe the government line. Is this what we want for Canada?

Now, many more doctors are speaking out about these lockdown effects, how “social distancing” is a bad experiment gone wrong and how virus numbers are being manipulated. Many of these kinds of posts have been removed by social media giants, especially by YouTube. That alone tells me that by doing this, it is governments admitting that all is not copacetic and there’s something to what is being said.

And for many of those who knew from the beginning that something was not right, it’s vindication that a growing number of Canadians are now seeing things this way. And of course, our betters belittle us, thinking we wear tinfoil hats, seeing “conspiracy theories” everywhere. The data is out there and it’s why I will back up what I post with actual facts. I’ve had several posts on social media censored because the powers that be decided that what I said was “false news” in spite of the sources being from traditional media.  Funny how the “disinformation” machine in China and even Russia has ramped up in order to discredit those who are striving to spread the truth.

For what it’s worth, the Hong Kong flu pandemics of 1958 and 1968-69 should have been lessons on how to stay safe while getting on with life.


As the flu spread in the U.K. in December 1969, these London office workers wore masks—but didn’t adopt a six-feet-apart rule.


It’s ironic that there are many books, articles and documentaries on the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918 but to find information on the Hong Kong flu pandemics from the fifties and sixties is hard to do as both pandemics are nothing more than footnotes in history, discussed in medical journals.

Woodstock Occurred in the Middle of a Pandemic with half a million people there.

Back then, there were no ridiculous rules like “social distancing” or waiting in line to shop or washing your groceries after shop. There was no panic buying of toilet paper. Here in Canada, that charge was led by none other than our Minister of Health Patty Hadju who, in the beginning, said this: “people should consider stockpiling food and medicine in case of a potential outbreak of the new coronavirus.”

Also in the 50’s and 60’s, there were not hysterical politicians promoting fear among people, nor were there these modern day politicians pushing an agenda that is hellbent on tearing countries apart, all in the name of our well-being and safety, while at the same time, using this to put their agenda into place.


As the crisis winds down, more people are seeing that these lockdowns didn’t do the job they were supposed to do. Many who supported them in the beginning see just how much pain they have caused in all parts of society.


The time to end not just the lockdowns and lift the states of emergency laws in all provinces is now. Let Canadians get on with the business of living without conditions and most importantly, without fear, as it seems now that the cure is actually worse than the disease.