“Illegal” or “Irregular?”
That’s been one of the biggest doses of Liberal word salad in order to mitigate the fallout from Trudeau’s infamous tweet welcoming the world to Canada back in 2017.
Global News is helping on that front, in an article from September 20, citing “misinformation” when to comes to the “severity” of the problem and whether these illegals pose a threat to national security with their “serious criminality”, as  “new data provided exclusively to Global News shows the number of migrants who entered Canada irregularly and were then found to have a serious criminal past is exceptionally low.
Note in the graphic below of the top 10 sources of refugee claims – Nigeria and Haiti – the majority of those claims came in via the illegal crossing at Roxham Road in Quebec – after Trudeau’s famous tweet.
According to the Global report, “only 30 irregular border crossers were blocked from making an asylum claim due to “serious criminality” since the government started keeping stats in 2017, according to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), and the number of irregular migrants who entered Canada and were later found inadmissible due to serious criminality stood at 110 as of May, data provided by the Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB) shows. This means that just 140 out of the roughly 45,000 irregular migrants who entered Canada since 2017 had a criminal past serious enough to stop the refugee process moving forward. This represents 0.3 per cent of all irregular migrant claims.”

“Craig Damian Smith, director of the Global Migration Lab at the Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy in Toronto, says there’s a good reason for this – refugees seldom have the choice to decide where they will flee in order to seek asylum.And even when they do – such as when irregular migrants enter Canada from the U.S. – Smith says international refugee laws are crafted in a way that’s meant to help people in the worst situations.

To understand why this matters, Smith points to East Germany.


If crossing the border at an unofficial point of entry to make a refugee claim was illegal, anyone who came over or under the Berlin Wall would have been a criminal, he said.

Regardless of the spin Global and other media outlets are trying to put in this issue – which has been overshadowed by the recent Liberal scandals – #LAVSCAM and now the “Blackface” mess,  the illegal immigrants are still coming to Canada via the illegal crossing at Roxham Road in Quebec.

Back in 2018,  National Post article reported that “Canada will soon have more illegal border crossers than Syrian refugees.”


It’s the independent journalists like Candace Malcolm from True North News that have been following the story with fair and accurate reporting. She reported back in August 2019 that they are still crossing, without the media batting an eye at the crossings.
According to Government statistics from June, 2019,  “it is easy to discern an upward trend in the number of immigrants being intercepted in Quebec by law enforcement. While they were 800 in February, they were then 967 in March, 1,206 in April, and 1,149 in May. Comparing the data recorded in June with those of May, we can conclude that this is an increase of 34%. The month of June was the busiest year for the interception of illegal migrants by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). Once again, we are forced to see that Quebec is the province most affected by the migrant crisis: out of a total of 1,567 interceptions made by the RCMP last month, 1,536 were made in the Belle Province.”
“Trudeau, on the other hand, insists that the system is doing its job and that the Scheer-led Conservatives are merely stoking fears to score political points.”
Conservative MP  Lisa Raiit pressed Trudeau on this issue and got this in reply:

“Every single person crossing our borders, whether legally or illegally, gets processed according to all our rules.”


We have made sure that every single person crossing our borders, whether legally or illegally, gets processed according to all our rules. We have seen over the past years all around the world an increase in migration and in asylum seekers happening everywhere, and Canada is not immune to that. However, we have a strong immigration system that continues to apply all its steps to everyone crossing the border.  Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in question period, May 7, 2019.


According to a Global News fact check on this statement, they found it “full of baloney.” 

Trudeau clearly and matter-of-factly stated that “every single person crossing our borders, whether legally or illegally, gets processed according to all our rules.” He made this statement on the same day the auditor general’s report was published, describing the 400 cases where biometric screenings were not completed as well as other gaps in information collected or shared among government agencies about asylum seekers. The audit report did find that in most cases, proper procedures were followed, but it did flag areas where some people did not get screened according to all the rules.


Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives are not “trying to stoke fear” or “score political points. Scheer and other Conservatives put the blame where it belongs – on the shoulders of Justin Trudeau and his failed immigration policies.
They see the mess on Trudeau’s immigration file and have vowed to crack down on the illegal immigrants crossing illegally into Canada by doing this – something the Trudeau Liberals have ignored time and time again.
Their plan includes “closing a loophole in the Safe Third Country Agreement between Canada and the United States that has allowed asylum-seekers who slip into the country by avoiding border checkpoints to make refugee claims that would be automatically rejected at official crossings.
“I will work to put an end to illegal border crossings at unofficial points of entry like Roxham Road,” he said, citing the busiest such crossing point where two rural roads in Quebec and New York practically touch. He added that he believes the loophole in the agreement allows these irregular migrants to “skip the line and avoid the queue.”
Under the  previous Conservative government, “immigration levels stayed at near-record levels and support for the system remained strong. While the Conservatives were happy to bring in more than 250,000 landed immigrants per year, they also cracked down on those who abused the visa system or tried to get around the rules.

The Trudeau government on the other hand, increased the annual immigration target to 340,000 by 2020.While doing that, though, they have also allowed 43,000 people to cross into the country illegally — mostly at a single irregular border crossing in Quebec.


They have also loosened visa rules meant to stop bogus claims, including from countries like Mexico. According to reports, more than 400 criminals have entered Canada to traffic drugs for Mexican cartels, and asylum claims have spiked from 260 when the visa requirement was lifted in 2016 to more than 3,300 in 2018.”


It’s no wonder Canadians have lost faith in the Trudeau government – on the immigration file, on the economy, on their growing list of ethical lapses and on their arrogance that they can change the rules to suit their own needs.


It’s less than a month to Canada’s federal election and yes, illegal immigration marches on, in spite of what Global News is trying to spin. They deserve a large helping of baloney for this report.


Canadians see through the spin from all fronts, thanks to independent news outlets that bring us the real story.