Make no mistake, Canadians from coast to coast to coast are in a foul mood as we head toward the election in October. Is it any wonder that they feel so pessimistic?  The deceit, irresponsible spending, vote-buying schemes and attacks on the integrity of Canada’s justice system over the past two years couldn’t possibly make most people feel warm and fuzzy about their government in Ottawa. “


“The Liberals wouldn’t be running this campaign of fear or breaking open the already empty piggy bank to bribe us with election goodies if they were doing a good job – they’re not. “


How’s that for “Sunny Ways?”


Canada’s forecast in 2019 is cloudy with a chance of anger at the Liberals.


Jean Chretien and Stephen Harper won elections and were both re-elected based on their records. The record of this cabal of Liberals is abysmal so, they have no choice to do what they do what they do best – fearmonger and create a boogeyman to pile all of their troubles on to so Canadians forget about LAVSCAM, Admiral Norman, India, assorted ethics scandal and now, the latest developing scandal of trying to silence former Canadian ambassadors to China.

The previous boogeyman for the Liberals was Stephen Harper but this time around it is Ontario Premier Doug Ford.

The Liberals are doing their level best to marginalize him and his policies and tie them to Andrew Scheer – with the help of their bailed out media.  Newspaper stories and TV reports, ads from third party advertisers such as Engage Canada and their Liberal pollsters gleefully announce the demise of Andrew Scheer and the Conservative party, all thanks to Doug Ford’s policies.

But, according to Brian Lilley, all of the Ford bashing could turn on Trudeau and actually increase Conservative support.

Think back to the 2016 US Presidential election when Donald Trump won against all odds especially after Americans got fed up with being lectured to and being called “deplorables” by Hillary Clinton.

We have had our own “deplorable” moment” recently, which angered many Canadians.

Countless articles have been written – taking shots at Scheer’s blandness and lack of charisma.

“If Ontarians are going to warm to Andrew Scheer, it should be for his own qualities and those of his agenda, which he will now have to put on full display once the campaign begins. He remains barely known and has room to impress, as Trudeau did in 2015.” (Kelly McParland, National Post, July 29 2019)

What about the Conservative platform? Where are the positive stories about their platform?

That gets lost in the shuffle of personalities over substance.  The media may have tripped over their feet to get a story on Trudeau back in 2015, but it was all style or, in Trudeau’s case, “socks” over substance then and now.

Western Canadians have the perfect description for people like Trudeau – “All hat and no cattle.” Somehow, it fits.


And in Trudeau’s case, there’s a big dose of bovine excrement under that empty hat.



Kelly McParland over at the National Post notes this when it comes to the polls showing Scheer’s demise thanks to Ontario Premier “Meaniepants” Ford :

“It’s still a bit early to start taking polls too seriously. Soundings taken in the dead of summer well before the official race has begun, among a largely disinterested population, aren’t the stuff to bet the mortgage on. But there’s no question that there’s been a definite trend in surveys for months now: one of deep discontent with the man in the premier’s office.

The latest seat projection suggests that if nothing changes between now and election day — which never happens — the Liberals could find themselves hanging by their fingernails to a very, very reduced hold on power. Maybe a minority government of one or two seats, making them beholden to the New Democrats, or very possibly Elizabeth May’s Greens, for a chance to stay in power. “

No mention above of a Conservative majority government, only that Trudeau may hang on with a minority government.

McParland, like others in the mainstream media seems to think that it was the fault of Ontarians and the provincial Conservative party in Ontario for bringing Doug Ford to power.

“Unfortunately the provincial Progressive Conservatives used that dislike to put Ford in the premier’s office. That he was ill-suited to the job is no longer just conjecture. His first year has been a series of improvised explosive devices littered across his path by his own lack of savvy.”

So far, in spite of the negative press and polls, the Ford government is holding its own and the big difference between the Ford and Wynne government is that they actually listen to the people who elected them instead of lecturing and virtue signaling.

Did McParland ever think that Ontario residents were just as fed up with the Wynne Liberals as Canadians are now with the Trudeau Liberals?  I mean, who doesn’t get fed up with scandal, mismanagement of money and virtue signaling?

That turned into a victory for the Ford Conservatives in 2018 and put the smug Liberals in the cheap seats in Queen’s Park as they went from healthy majority to third party status with 7 seats.



Canadians could once again defy the pollsters and pundits in 2019 and give the Conservatives a majority like they did in 2011. Back then, Canadians were just as fed up with the Liberals and did their talking at the ballot box.

These pollsters have a fiefdom unto themselves. Polls themselves have become way more important than the actual results of any given election and frankly, it’s nothing more than propaganda.  Even the pollsters are fighting amongst themselves and their bottom line is this: Don’t trust the polls – they are there to depress voter turnout.

Fear and fearmongering is never a good way to run a campaign. But, it’s all the Liberals have left. In fact, it’s all they ever had – all hat and no cattle applies to the entire Liberal party.


This is what it’s all about:

“Trudeau is campaigning not on what he has done, but to scare voters about what a provincial premier might do if someone else is elected. It’s sad if this is how we elect governments in this day and age, but the scary part is it just might work.”


Something to remember as Canada marches toward the October election:

“Now, on the eve of an election, the Liberals are trying their level best to buy the support of Canadians (with borrowed money), including propaganda-style ads about beefed-up child benefit cheques and new goodies for first-time homebuyers. They see the gloom. They’re now pulling out all the stops to avoid the doom.” (Free Press)


Don’t see the doom and gloom. Don’t believe the polls. Don’t believe the hype in the media.


 Believe in what you believe and do what needs to be done to bring Canada back.