Every year, since I was a young girl, the lead up to Remembrance Day has always given me a flurry of emotions; ranging from sadness, as I remember the hell my mom and I went through due to my dad’s (undiagnosed at that time) PTSD, that made my childhood a terrifying experience; to melancholy thinking of the unimaginable horrors he and his brothers in arms suffered while fighting the Germans in Italy, France, Holland and Germany.

My dad was a proud man. He fought his war devils.

He was even prouder to have fought and won against the tyranny that would have enslaved a whole continent, and eventually made its way to Canada.

My dad was a proud, patriotic Canadian.

His ‘war devils’ consumed him on August 26, 1974.

He would have celebrated his 100th birthday this past October 19.

It is incredulous that this year, I have one more emotion to add to my sadness and melancholy.

That emotion is downright anger and bile, derived from the absolute disgust that I have for all those who attacked a Canadian icon, Don Cherry.

He is being labelled as a ‘racist’ because he was disgusted by the lack of support for our veterans and legions, when he noticed the absence of poppies on the lapels, jackets and coats of everyday Canadians going about their business on the streets of Toronto and the city he lives in, Mississauga.

The lack of poppies on lapels and jackets isn’t just a “Toronto or Mississauga thing”, it’s all across Canada.

His rant, which started off with his support of veterans, to the clip that was shown with him saying, “You people… come, are in our country… the land of milk and honey…and you can’t buy a poppy for five bucks to support those who died for you?”

As usual, the left has taken his words and made them about ‘racism’.

Our war heroes fought and died for the democracy, that has given the opportunity to the millions of immigrants who have made Canada their home for the past 70 years.

It angers me that those who have never had to deal with the fallouts of war, tyranny, communism or socialism in our country, have the audacity to vilify someone that stands up for our veterans and armed forces, who fought against these atrocities.

It angers me that the comments are coming from the ignorance of those who are in the 20 to 30 year old range bracket, as they type their vitriolic slurs behind the safety of their keyboards, while probably languishing in the security of their mommy’s basements. They are the Social Justice Warriors and their weapon is a device that connects to the internet.

Sadly, that’s the new ‘warfare’. A bunch of keyboard warriors dictating of how their world should be, without making any sacrifices.

I have a message for all those who are calling Don Cherry a ‘racist’, and this includes Toronto Mayor John Tory, Mississauga Mayor Bonnie Crosbie, and the back stabbing Brutus, Ron McClean; Sign up. Go fight in a war. Get free from your keyboards. Put your words to action.

If you’re not prepared to stand behind our veterans and serving military, have the balls to go stand in front of them.