It appears that Canada has suffered another economic blow:  

Teck Industries has quit Canada. More than 20 BILLION dollars worth of private investment has now pulled out of our country; an investment that would have created over 7,000 direct jobs and countless off-shoot jobs, as those 7,000 workers would have paychecks that gives them buying power in their local communities.

The reasons Teck gave for their pulling out; the ridiculous regulations the Trudeau Liberals are attaching to every Alberta energy project in the name of the climate change  – which at the core is, the redistribution of Canadian wealth to the UN and third world countries agenda; the indecisiveness and lack of leadership the Trudeau government is showing in the face of the illegal blockades that are happening across our country, perpetuated by foreign paid rent-a-mobs, who’s only agenda is to Shut Down Canada – again, aligned with the UN’s agenda, and the Liberal government’s constant moving of the goal posts, after Alberta energy companies have met every environmental regulation, jumped through all the hoops, and paid billions of dollars to approved government agencies, such as the National Energy Board, Environmental Boards, Indigenous groups etc.

The Teck mine project in Alberta, would have put more than 70 billion dollars into federal coffers over the span over it’s operational lifespan.

Since 2018, more than 120 billion dollars of investment money have pulled out of Canada, to invest in business friendly countries.

Yet, when it comes to Quebec natural resources, the Trudeau Liberals have not required the same environmental regulations, loopholes, nor have they moved the goalposts. 

The air fuel terminal in Montreal East and a liquid natural gas port facility in the Saguenay region, both LNG projects, with a proposed 650 kilometre pipeline, because they are Quebec fossil fuel projects, they are not required to pass the Liberals Climate Change Test.

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Justin Trudeau and his Liberals have proven, time and time again to investors world wide, that “Canada is NOT open for business”, unless it’s a Quebec based mining, or fossil fuel project.

Read more on the Saguenay LNG project here.

Our country has the third largest oil and gas resources in the world, located in the provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan.  Yet, because of Justin’s anti-Alberta Canadian oil activist government, we cannot get a pipeline in the ground, to get Alberta oil to international markets – even after the Trudeau government used 4.5 billion taxpayer dollars, to buy a 67 year old pipeline to nowhere, all because they over regulated the private investment company of Kinder Morgan, who finally threw in the towel after a decade, and took the 4.5 billion dollars Justin gave them, to invest it in Texas.

The Justin Trudeau Liberal Climate Activist government is not seeing the forest for the trees. They are killing our economy, not doing anything for the environment and pitting provinces against each other.

Alberta Canada has the best environmental practices: The best technology as it pertains to  carbon emissions, yet Justin Trudeau continuously prohibits Alberta’s technology to be shared with the worst emitters on the planet, including Quebec.

Instead of exporting millions of tonnes of BC coal a month to China that is currently on track to build another thousand coal fired plants this year, wouldn’t it make more carbon sense for Canada to help China get off of BC’s dirty coal, and onto cleaner natural gas, that would be supplied by the Coastal GasLink project?

Russia managed to build a 3,000 km pipeline from Siberia to China in less than five years, and no one is calling Russia, or China out on upstream/downstream emissions, environmental impact studies, nor is Russia subjected to any of the UN’s globalist red tape, yet it’s Russia that is helping China reduce their global emissions.

Bad Russia!

Double standards, and now Canada, thanks to the virtue signalling, pandering to the useless UN, our country is nothing but a bunch of guinea pigs being used by power hungry globalists, to destroy our country.

Justin Trudeau and the UN agenda need to get out of Canada’s way and let Canada’s resource industries create jobs, and put an  end to the absurd Canadian climate taxes.

The majority of Canada’s landmass is cold 6 months out of the year.  Canadians and our families cannot survive without fossil fuels to heat our homes, drive our cars, or have produce shipped to us via fossil fueled powered ships, trains, transports and planes, which we are being taxed for. 

Can you imagine what would happen if Russia put a climate tax on home heating fuels in Siberia?

If Canada wants to be a leader in fighting global greenhouse gas emissions, Canada needs to build pipelines to Tidewater to get our cleaner energy to global markets, to reduce global emissions.

Justin Trudeau, by his all talk, no action, is nothing but a hypocritical, UN puppet bobble head, who doesn’t give a rat’s ass about Canadians, jobs, or our economy.

Justin Trudeau needs a good swift kick in the gonads to knock some sense into his anti-Canadian, UN worshipping ego.