The CBC receives a 1.2 billion dollar a year handout by the federal government funded by taxpayers.

Last year, they ‘earned’ $58 million in advertising revenue, down from the $114 million in 2014.

Now, they are whining that they ‘have to cut 35 jobs in Toronto because of declining revenues’. Does that mean that those 35 employees are raking in $1.6 million a year?

And what the hell is the 1.2 billion being spent on??? It’s certainly not ‘content’ or fair, equal, unbiased reporting.

They claim they are the ‘state broadcaster’ and ‘want to reach out to all Canadians’. Yet, they are nothing but a Liberal propaganda machine.

There are 36 million people living in our country, and the CBC’s viewership in 2019 went down to 269,000.

That means, that only .0074% of Canadians care to listen to, or watch their Liberal drivel.

Interesting to note that 2014 was the last year they had an advertising revenue boom. It was in 2015 that the CBC hounded Mike Duffy. Their trucks parked outside the courthouse… they followed Duffy and our ex-Prime Minister Stephen Harper, along with Nigel Wright, like rabid, starving dogs after a bone. The case, ended up being a nothing burger story – all for their agenda of getting rid of Stephen Harper, who had cut their taxpayer funding by $200 million.

It is absurd that 1.2 billion dollars of the hard earned money, that is forcibly taken from Canadians in taxes, would be used to fund a corporation that .0074% of our population finds any value in, or use of.

It is time for the government to pull all funding from the CBC. And after they do that, the over half a billion tax dollars that Justin Trudeau promised to Liberal friendly media needs to be rescinded.

Yeah, I’m living in a pipe dream. Like that’s ever going to happen with this government