Helloooo Canada!  

It is 2020 and we have more ‘woke’, virtue signalling politicians, than we did in 2016!

In the 2015 election, 39.5% of Canadians watched in dismay as 39.9% of our fellow country peoplekind voted for what was promised as ‘Sunny Ways’.  

12% of 39.5%,  were of the ‘newly woke’ first time voting 18 year old peoplekind, who stumbled out of their marijuana hazed dorm rooms and mother’s basements, to vote for ‘legalized weed’. 

 Who knows what the percentage of women who voted for “good hair”.

What these ‘woke’ peoplekind didn’t realize, or were too stoned to understand is, governments of all levels would be confiscating more of their allowances in taxes, with their purchases of government controlled pot.

Since the Liberals lost their majority. I’m guessing that the ‘woke’ pot heads and cougars grew intelligence, or realized they had been sold a cheap bill of goods in 2015.

“Sunny Ways” also brought us a boat load of identity politics.

From Justin Trudeau’s awarding a convicted Islamic terrorist, 10.5 million dollars, with his interference in Omar Khadr’s court case, and then orating into a microphone, in his best drama teacher voice, his utter disgust, of what ended up being a hoax of the cutting of a pre-teens accusations that “an Asian man had cut her hijab’.

Justin Trudeau’s antics of prancing in PRIDE parades, has become somewhat of a national embarrassment, as pictures have now been banned on social media platforms, with Justin posing with naked from the waist up teenage girls, drag queens, and male nudists with their junk on full display.

Not to mention, his embarrassing Griswold Family Vacation to India;  his shameful walking away empty handed from, what he assured Canadians was a ‘sure deal’ with China; his multiple mockings of the leader of one of our longest, and most friendliest allies, his admiration for the dictatorship of China, Pi to the 19th decibel, the Queen’s hairs, drinking box water bottle things… the list goes on, and on, and on.

Canadians have to ask themselves:  Is THIS what we have lowered our standards to, for the leader of our country?

Have we allowed ourselves to be so pre-progammed, by the more than a billion and a half dollars, taxpayer funded media, which is spoon fed talking points from Liberal propaganda machines, to be delivered twice a day from the bought and paid for Justin media, to make us believe, that when a leader of a political party doesn’t commit to prancing in a PRIDE parade, to get himself or herself photographed with naked people, they are unworthy of consideration to lead their party?

Yet, that is exactly what happened.

Not one media asshole who drilled Andrew Scheer about his ‘religious beliefs’, dared to even ask Justin Trudeau, Jagmeet Singhh or Elizabeth May about THEIR religious beliefs, and the media vilified Andrew for his.

Total media bias.

Let’s move on… and perhaps LEARN from mistakes…

Conservative politicians, who are striving to be ‘leader of the party’, would be well advised to NOT follow in the steps of our current activist, virtue signalling, identity politico, UN puppet bozo.

If a Conservative politician believes that they will win the Conservative Party of Canada’s leadership election by pandering to PRIDE,  or the UN, they are sadly mistaken.

Promising to ‘march’ in a PRIDE parade does not make one pro-LGBTQ.

It makes you an activist, catering to a political group.

Pandering to the UN, makes you a traitor to Canada’s sovereignty. 

Same as ignoring the violence and anti-Semitic, ANTIFA, al Qud, or any other terrorist group,. Makes you a supporter of terrorism.

A word of advice for all who are throwing their hat into the CPC leadership ring:  Pick THE lane that supports ALL Canadians, OUR security and OUR economy.