Here we are on March 23, 2020 being threatened by the federal government of Justin Trudeau, with the Emergency Act, that morphed out of the War Measures Act.

The War Measures Act, enabled the government to do whatever to protect the borders and safety of Canadians.

The Emergency Act, gives the sitting government sweeping powers to do whatever it is they want to do, as it pertains to spending, taxation, expropriation of personal property, bank accounts, the CPP – anything and everything is on the government hit list, and up for the government to grab.

The difference is, Justin opened up our borders, and has done nothing to protect our citizens from a worldwide pandemic.

His actions show, that he has done everything to encourage the spread of the #WuFlu.

Let’s go back just four weeks ago, and look at how differently Canadians would be living their daily lives IF Justin Trudeau had listened to credible infectious disease professionals, instead of taking for gospel, the word of the UN’s World Health Organization (WHO).

The WHO told the world that ‘closing borders would not stop the virus’.

Since the novel (animal transmitted) CoronaVirus transmitted and then mutated itself to transfer from human to human, common sense would have dictated to stop humans who were infectected from travelling, which would have stopped the spread of the virus, and possibly contained it.

The next asinine recommendation from the WHO, which the Trudeau government eagerly followed was to label anyone who associated the CoronaVirus as a “Chinese CAUSED virus”, a racist.

The virus originated in China.  The Chinese government tried to hide it for two weeks, the corrupt UN controlled WHO, spread the Chinese government’s propaganda, and the world got sick.  It’s a Chinese government thing.

TheUN globalists, continued to spread the propaganda along with their utter ignorance of the facts of the virus, put the safety and health of the global community at risk, allowing the virus to freely spread to countries around the world.

Canadian citizens are being put at more risk, because of the UN/Chinese government BS that is regurgitated out of Justin Trudeau’s maw, and his almost daily pre-prepared talking points.

On March 13th, he told reporters, to assure Canadians that “closing our borders, would do nothing to keep Canadians safe.”  He then repeated a UN talking point that, “Canada has an obligation to help the world’s most vulnerable.”

On March 16th, he announced in another presser, that he and “his government were restricting traffic from COVID-19 hotspots.”  

A simple Google search will give results of Canadians being outraged and shocked that flights were still landing at Canadian airports from hotspots, and they “weren’t being screened”  There were no ‘restrictions’, and it’s pretty bad that Canadians and foreigners are shocked and outraged that during a time of a global pandemic, our Canadian government wasn’t even in the ballpark.

On March 18th, Justin did another nausea inspiring ‘presser’ by lecturing Canadians to ‘self-isolate’.  Sound advice. The only problem was, thousands of flights were still coming into Canada from the ‘hot-spots’, and the disembarking passengers were STILL not being screened.

Passengers from Italy, Iran and China were being asked to ‘self-screen’, by answering a question on a touch screen monitor.  It was a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ question to, “Are you travelling from China, Italy or Iran?”

Thousands of travellers complained that there were no hand sanitizers available after they touched the screen, that presumably thousands more before them had also touched.

If their answer was “yes”, they were handed a Liberal government pamphlet, and continued on their way, along with the thousands that had answered “no”.

So much for “restricting traffic” from hot spots and “keeping Canadians safe”.

It gets worse.

The next day, March 19th, Justin Trudeau announced, “All passengers boarding international flights to Canada who exhibit signs of sickness or a fever, will not be allowed to board that flight.”

Again, another piece of BS, that puts the health and safety of Canadians in peril.

On March 20th, a 70 year old Markham Ontario woman arrived on an international flight that landed at Pearson.  She died on Saturday March 21st of CoronaVirus.

How was she allowed on the plane?  How did she pass the temp and sickness test?  Common sense says she WAS sick, and never tested.  Tests have proven she died of CoronaVirus.

Again, simple Google searches will give you results.  This is from March 21st

”Topp said passengers from his flight merged with those from three other airplanes at the immigration area. He said the other passengers, sporting suntans, appeared to be wrapping up March break. “Nobody seemed concerned,” said Topp, known for climate change activism and dumping manure in front of Premier Doug Ford’s constituency office.”

Why are Canadians listening to an ex-snowboard instructor, and his ex-graphic artist Minister of Health Patty Hadju, spew their UN propaganda?

The bigger question is, “Why are Canadians BELIEVING what they say”, when everything they have said is just WRONG?

Provincial Premiers and Mayors of cities have been more effective than the federal government in making decisions to keep their citizens safe.

UN-fortunately, for Canadians, international airports come under the federal government’s jurisdiction, and the Justin Liberals by their actions have done nothing to curb, or restrict flights coming in from CoronaVirus hotspots, nor have they put in temperature screening passengers, or sanitization protocols, for any travellers.

In ending, the UN globalist Liberals have been out and out lying to Canadians so we will believe that Justin is being proactive, while a world-wide pandemic has shut down business, is deplorable.

It is of my opinion that the government of Justin is doing everything to spread the CoronaVirus in Canada, just so he can enact his “Emergency Act”, as dictated by the UN.