China lied, and people died… all over the world.

This past January, some citizens around the globe were somewhat horrified at the outbreak of another virus originating from a province in the communist controlled country of China that went global.

The Chinese government sat on the outbreak of their latest novel CoronaVirus for two months (novel is a term used for animal to human virus transition), assuring the World Health Organization, more commonly referred to as WHO, and will be referred to as such hereon in, that ‘all was well’.

At that time, Chinese government was facing unprecedented uprisings and riots from citizens of Hong Kong, and their own citizens, when the Chinese government wanted to exert their powers to extradite non-Chinese citizens, for what they considered ‘crimes’ against their government.

It would not be surprising for a communist government to release a deadly virus in order to quell dissent, and use the WHO as their mouthpiece.

Since the initial outbreak, medical professionals that are not on the UN’s or WHO’s payroll, have been advising, “the virus is constantly mutating”

Apparently it’s just not a North American, ‘Boomer Remover’ or a ‘Senior Deleter’, the Gen-X and Millennials are also dying from it.

In light of what the world knows now, there are two questions to be asked:

Why in the world, would the Chinese government allow this deadly virus to be unleashed into other countries?

Why on earth would sovereign countries still allow passenger flights from China, as well as other countries China infected with the CoronaVirus to land planes on their tarmacs?

Donald Trump was labeled as a ‘racist’ when he announced “flights from China will be restricted from landing in the US, due to the Wuhan Flu”.

President Trump, would have been smarter to stop flights from all foreign countries in the middle of February, when the WHO, decided to  change the name to COVID-19, from Novel CoronaVirus in order to prevent ‘racism’, as ordered by the Chinese government.

Sadly, Justin followed suit.

And then Justin proceeded, to once again, use an opportunity to call Canadians “racists”

On March 16th, a predominantly Chinese community in Markham Ontario, called on their school board to implement a 14 day quarantine period for all that had returned from China, to implement a self-quarantine regiment.

The school board, and the media ran with Justin’s narrative, and labelled the concerned Chinese parents as, “fear mongering racists”.


On March 18th, a Markham woman who had travelled to Taipei and France, flew into the US, and took a connecting flight into Toronto Pearson, was asked ‘Do you have a fever?  Do you have a cough’, was allowed to proceed.

It was obvious she lied, to make her way through the airport, pick up her luggage, jump into a car with the people (family?) who picked her up.

She died of CoronaVirus, THREE HOURS after she landed at Pearson!

How many people did she infect on her way through the airport?   On the planes? How many people unknowingly got infected, and then spread the virus to others?

Now, think about the lack of security at our airports, and now think about how medically ‘trained’ air flight attendants, pilots, ground crews, baggage handlers are.

Unfortunately, for Canadians, almost half a billion dollars of OUR money is going to pay off the Liberal media that will  only ‘report’ the Justin/UN propaganda. 

From the get-go, when this latest Novel CoronaVirus breached the borders of the Chinese province of Hubrei, Wuhan, the chief mouthpiece of the WHO, Tedros Adhanom, has been the number one cheerleader for the Chinese government.

He had the audacity, time and time again, to PRAISE the Chinese government’s ‘efforts on containing the virus’. Which we all now know, they did NOT contain..

The Chinese government was on full damage control, including silencing anyone that told the truth about the catastrophe, and loss of lives.

Not only is Tedros a UN puppet, he is also an Ethiopian terrorist, and should be charged for crimes against humanity.  HE, is one more reason why Canada should be distancing from the UN and their corruptness.

Hopefully the 5.1 million Canadians that voted for the Clown Prince in 2019, were a) Canadian citizens and b) know that Justin Trudeau has been taking marching orders from the Shari’a controlled UN and the Chinese government controlled WHO.

Justin Trudeau should have shut down international passenger flights into Canada on March 1st. 

That would have been HIS effort to stop infected travellers from spreading the virus to our communities.

He didn’t.

In fact, he refused to stop hundreds of country shoppers from illegally crossing our borders on a monthly basis.

He says he’s stopped “international” travel… except four airports..

The truth is, hundreds of international flights are still disgorging thousands of passengers on a daily basis, from who knows where, and aliens are still illegally crossing our borders.

If our Liberal government actually does what it preaches, one would think they would want to get in front of this newly unleashed novel CoronaVirus

They haven’t.

They need to  order, “No international passenger flights to be landing at ANY Canadian airport for the next 30-45 days.”

If Justin doesn’t legislate,  the stop of international flights, and  continues to lecture Canadians to ‘self-isolate’, while allowing those who are infected to freely enter our country, and roam freely, the virus is just going to spread further and wider.

Then again, this could be the master plan that Justin has agreed to with the UN:  Canadians under UN white-helmeted martial law.

Sadly, this will be the end of our sovereignty as a country and our individual freedoms… 

all because 5.1 million Canadians voted Liberal.

Gee.  Thanks a lot.