Democracy, seems to be under the knife in Canada.

The media no longer reports ‘news’. Television talking heads have been reporting their ‘feelings’ about political leaders since the 2015 Canadian election.  Case in point is CTV’s political reporter, Craig Oliver being caught on a hot mic expressing his utter glee that Stephen Harper had been defeated in 2015.

On-line journos have also turned to reporting their feelings, in neverending opinion pieces, wrapped up as ‘news’.

In 2017, after Andrew Scheer had been democratically elected as the leader of the federal Conservative party, the media went out of their way to dig up dirt on him.

They didn’t find much, because there wasn’t anything to find.

In 2018, in the lead up to the 2019 federal election, Justin Trudeau pledged over half a billion taxpayer dollars ($600 million) for ‘floundering newspapers’, that had lost revenue, due to the  insurgence of the “internet”, that was taking revenue away from ‘print’. 

Newsflash to Justin… the ‘internet’ and Google celebrated their 30th birthday in 2019.

The $600 million had nothing to do with ‘bailing out’ the print industry, as all Canadian publishers have an on-line presence. If they have good content, they will have good readership, which equals into good revenue.

To add insult to injury to Canadian taxpayers, who are funding the latest Trudeau ‘bailout’, was UNIFOR union president, Jerry Dias, who just happens to have 12,000 journalists as due paying union members.

Dias was appointed by Justin as the ‘one who will decide which media organizations gets part and parcel of the more than half a billion, taxpayer funded windfall.

Jerry Dias, as president of UNIFOR, made the decision to throw his hat in the ring to support Justin Trudeau.

He used the due money his union collected from his 12,000 union members to ‘bring down Andrew Scheer’.  His tagline was, “We are the Resistance”. 

The maximum allowable sum of money a third party can spend under Elections Canada is 1.5 million dollars.

Jerry promised to “spend every penny” of other people’s money to ‘bring down Andrew Scheer’. I have no doubt he kept his promise.

Did Jerry get permission from his 12,000 due paying members to spend their money on his partisan politics to campaign against Andrew Scheer?

Between Jerry’s spending of 1.5 million dollars of other people’s money,adding in the Ontario government unions schilling against Mr. Scheer, in lock step with private sector UNIFOR, to Justin Trudeau’s fear mongering speeches to Ontarian’s that “Andrew Scheer is taking orders from Doug Ford, and will cut your healthcare and education” – which both services are under provincial government jurisdictions, and had nothing to do with the federal election, the die was cast.

Canada’s paid off mainstream media went into overdrive, to dig up ‘dirt’ on Andrew Scheer.  They were spoon fed by ‘anonymous sources’, that Andrew had put “Insurance Broker” as an accreditation on his CV, claiming that he wasn’t an insurance broker. 

Ontario media should check their sources in regards to Saskatchewan’s insurance broker laws, before reporting ‘fake news’.

Then it was revealed that his dad was born in the United States.  Andrew was born in Canada. 

By default of his birth father, who has been a Canadian citizen for forty-some odd years, Andrew has dual US/Canadian citizenship.

When you look at all the Liberal MP’s that are ‘dual citizens’ – the majority who were not born here and are from countries that do not share the same values as Canada and the U.S., one has to wonder, why the media isn’t ‘investigating’ those elected MP’s who are more loyal to their birth countries, than they are to Canada? 

The media refused to report on Mr. Scheer’s campaign pledges, which were all geared towards boosting our lagging economy, creating jobs through lessening government red tape and bureaucracy; reducing government spending, which would lower taxes, and reducing GHG emissions on a global level, by selling and implementing Canadian world class technology to the world’s largest polluters so they could do their part, and eliminating the Trudeau Liberals carbon tax that is having a debilitating effect on the finances of middle and lower class Canadian taxpayers and not doing a damn thing to lower global emissions, or ‘save the planet’.  

Instead, the Liberal bribed media, focused their on-line and air time on narratives like, “Andrew Scheer doesn’t have a plan…. Andrew Scheer doesn’t have a platform… Andrew Scheer is weak on policy…”

They scoffed and ridiculed his “National Corridor” plan, that would get our resources to market, make electricity and heating more affordable for all Canadians, especially those in the colder, than cold North to unite all provinces in a national goal, and make life more affordable for ALL Canadians.

They didn’t bother reporting his ‘tough on China’ stance, his program to take back our Arctic, or his common sense approach to trade deals.

Yes, the election is over.  The results are in, and so is Justin Trudeau.  Again.

This isn’t crying over spilt milk.

This is a showcase on how the electorate was milked by biased unions and the untruthful media.