As we near the New Year of 2020, another era comes to mind:  The Roaring Twenties.

The roaring twenties was an era of freedom at the end of World War I; the era of the ‘flappers’ and the Charleston, when chic women bobbed their hair short, wore loose fitting, brightly coloured dresses adorned in sequences and boas, they drank gin and danced freely, welcoming the brave men who made it home.

These girls also worked at menial jobs, conscripted to them because of the lack of men who used to fulfil these jobs went overseas to fight.

To the horror of the parents of daughters, having a good time, was “not the way ‘good girls’ caught a husband. Catch them they did.

Now, that we are entering another Twenties era, times have changed…  The social conscripts, morals and ethical behavior of the earlier 20’s have all abandoned our society.

Young men and women no longer consider it their ‘duty’ to serve our country.

They do though, consider it their ‘duty’ to dictate to adults of how ‘adults should think and behave’.  

Never before in the history of our country have children who still need to be tucked in at night, been so vocal on topics of life, which they know nothing about, except for what their ‘progressive’ globalist, fear mongering teachers and media have indoctrinated them with.

Today’s 17 to 24 year olds, who grew up in the luxuries their parents were able to afford them, are rallying out against the exact same people who afforded them their luxuries.

How insane is that?

Another insane 21st century point vs 19th century is, human rights vs biology vs political ambition.

In the 19th century, politicians, whether they were of left or right spectrums, governed for ALL the people.  Their purpose was to provide the best services for tax dollars and keep taxes low.

In the 21st century, Canadian politicians are catering to special interest groups, forsaking their oath of office to ‘govern for ALL the people’.

Case in point are parades; parades that are not in the scope of National Unity, or for ALL the people..

Presidents and Prime Ministers attended the homecoming parades in WWI and WWII.  They didn’t ‘march’. They attended to show their support.  

That was then, and since this is now the ‘new’ Twenties, where elected officials are pressured into ‘marching’ in parades that go against their beliefs; that only cater to small percentages of the populace..

In the late 90’s, Ex-Prime Minister, Brian Mulroney – as Irish as they come, never marched in a St. Patrick’s day parade.  He and Ex-President, Ronald Reagan did sing a lovely rendition of “Your Irish Eyes are Smiling”, which both are still being mocked for, by the left..

Why?  The song they sang was not ‘inclusive to all’.  It didn’t represent all American, or all Canadians.

There has not been one Canadian Prime Minister to ‘march’ in a parade, whether it be Remembrance Day, Easter, or Santa Claus.

Which brings me to this;  Why has it now become a guilt pressured, prerequisite for elected politicians to march in Pride parades, when the LGBTQ community is less than 8% of Canada’s population?

This isn’t about ‘national unity’. It’s about activism.

How is this ‘inclusive to all’?

Don’t get me wrong here.  I’m not against gays, tranny’s, bi’s. Some of my besties are, and I fully support them.  Some attend the Pride Parades, some don’t.

It’s their choice.

The same choice should be afforded to elected politicians.