For once… just ONCE, it would be wonderful for Justin Trudeau, the supposed leader of our country to be on the right side of history.

It is more than totally disgusting that Justin Trudeau would opt to side with a terrorist regime, over the basic human rights of citizens who have been terrorized, brutalized, murdered, tortured, imprisoned and held as captives by their own government.

Isn’t he the same peoplekind, who, over the past four years, who has led his virtue signalling  government, lecturing Canadians, and the world, that he is the ‘savior’ of purporting, human rights, LGBTQ rights, women’s rights and the rights of every other special interest group with their ‘rights’?

So where the hell is he on ‘governments murdering their own citizens’, because the citizens, just don’t like being murdered, or having their family members and friends wrongfully imprisoned, tortured and disappeared, “rights”?

In Justin’s politically correct world, do  these people not have ‘human rights’? And where is the corrupt UN in all of this? And why isn’t he protesting against this?

Justin claims he is a ‘feminist’, yet he didn’t come out with one of his word salads, after the Iranian terrorist regime killed, raped, tortured and murders hundreds of women who took off their head scarves, in protest of the Iranian regimes rigid Shari’a control over what Iranian women wear.

Our same self proclaimed Canadian ‘feminist’, didn’t stand up for women, or any  Canadian in his own country, when it pertains to Shari’a law, anti-Semitism, attacks on Christianity, children who are victims of sexual predators, women and girls who have been trafficked as sex-slaves within our own country by the criminals he imported and allowed into our country via illegal border crossings.

Our virtue signalling boy in short pants and comical socks, ignores all the atrocities that are happening in Canada, the same as he is  ignoring the worst atrocities that the Iranian terrorist regime is committing; the same regime that he wants to ‘re-establish ‘relations’ with.

Yet, when a girl in Canada alleges that her hijab was cut, our Post Turtle leader within hours, was in front of a microphone, calling Canadians “Islamaphobes”, and berating us, in his bestest, admonishing teacher voice, “this is NOT what Canada is about, or who Canadians are!”

Like he knows what everyday Canadians ‘are’ or what we are ‘about’.

He did though, get something right with that statement: cutting hijabs, is not what Canadians do, as he soon found out, within hours.

The whole thing was a hoax.

He never did apologize to Canadians, and especially the people of Scarborough Ontario for calling them names.

The same as he will never apologize to the Iranian people who are fighting for their lives;  protesting in the streets, for their basic human rights and freedom, against a terrorist regime.

Instead, he took a stance against our American neighbors, in order to once again, insult the President of our most loyal ally, friend and neighbor.

For the sake of the Iranian people, (and Canada’s integrity), it would be wise for Justin Trudeau, his elected MP’s and his government mouthpieces like Maple Leaf Food CEO lackeys, to end their pro-terrorist regime, virtue signalling rhetoric.

They need to stand up for the citizens of Iran who are protesting against their oppressive regime of a government, who are shooting, gassing and disappearing them, for protesting against a Shari’a controlled government.

Again, for once, it would be nice for Justin Trudeau to be on the right side of history.

I’m not going to hold my breath.