Damn, I’m smart!!!! Too bad it took me ‘losing’ 11 articles I wanted to share but FB kicked me out.

I realized that all I had to do was post what I had copied from the article into Google’s query bar, and lo and behold, here we have it.

I don’t categorize myself as a ‘feminist’. I don’t need to ‘categorize’ myself in order to ‘fit in’.

I am a biological female, who supports other females (as long as they’re not assholes). I support men (as long as they’re not assholes). I support my gay friends, (as long as they’re not assholes) and transgendered (as long as they’re not assholes).

I support friends who are not the same skin colour as me (as long as they’re not assholes), and those who believe in any religion that is different than mine (as long as they’re not assholes).

Basically, I am a female, who is comfortable in my own skin, and will accept, and welcome anyone who is not “an asshole”.

This Jonathan/Jessica Yaniv – is a complete and utter, Número Uno ASSHOLE!

To purposely go around with the sole intent of destroying other people’s lives, ruining their reputation and then suing them for your own selfish gain, is reprehensible.

Lying to biological women, by claiming “I am on my period”, while you’re sporting a penis, and then labelling the male appendage as a ‘female penis’, is beyond the absurd, and totally odious.

Engaging 10, 11, 12 year old girls to allow you to insert tampons, is nothing short of perversion.

This asshole should be investigated for preying on young girls in locker rooms, to his petition for a “topless swim meet”, that was only open to girls in the 10 to 12 year old range, and banned their parents from attending.

Thankfully, someone in the B.C. government had the common sense and decency to kibosh it.

This Jonathan/Jessica Yaniv is giving a bad rap to all who legitimately identify with the LBGTQ community.

For the sake of the advancements and rights this community has achieved within society, it might be a good idea to distance themselves from this attention seeking, messed up, vile whore.

There are very good reasons why women do not wish to be alone with strange, naked men. And most sane people understand that a woman should not be forced to touch a man’s genitals against her will. But when there is such a thing, as the trans activist movement claims, as “a female penis,” things that are very straightforward and obvious are suddenly indefensible. Suddenly, women’s right to say “no,” to have boundaries, to protect themselves and their spaces, to understand that a penis belongs to a male, not a female, cannot be defended.