Welcome to 2020!

It appears from the mandate that Justin Trudeau has given his new “Heritage Minister”, Canadian media will be regressing to the time of 1920’s Europe – before Hitler commandeered Germany’s news presses and ordered them to publish his propaganda.

The Liberals are going to be giving the CBC more of our hard earned money so they can open up new offices, hire more staff, swallow up local TV networks and news publications – or partner with them so the outlets will be forced to parrot Liberal narratives.

Even though some independent news outlets have already stated they want nothing to do with the CBC, let alone having their content controlled by the arm of the Liberal propaganda machine, the Heritage Minister states that this is a “contradictory stance”, assuming that either these independents already receive taxpayer dollars, allotted to them by the Liberals; the government is planning on paying them off too, or the CBC will be buying them – with taxpayer money.

“Strengthen the regional mandate of CBC/Radio-Canada to broadcast more local news and require CBC/Radio-Canada to open up its digital platform.” 

Interestingly, is our new Minister of Thought Control is cognitive of the harm that dictatorial governments can unleash upon their citizens, by owning state controlled media, but assures us that “this is not what we are trying to do here.”

One thing this Liberal government has taught Canadians over the past four years is, they do the opposite of what they ‘promise’, or say.

If that isn’t worrisome enough, the Minister is also mandated with “removing illegal content from social media platforms”. 

The mandate letter said illegal content should include “online harms such as radicalization, incitement to violence, exploitation of children, or creation or distribution of terrorist propaganda.”

The wording of “should include” is Orwellian in every sense, considering the Liberals have yet to define the definition of ‘illegal content’. 

The Minister said he would have conversations with relevant stakeholders on whether to include regulations on fake news.

It isn’t surprising that the Liberals would be thinking to include ‘fake news’ as ‘illegal content’ in their mandate to control what Canadians read and watch. 

They don’t like reading the truth about themselves when their sneaky backroom policies and unethical behaviours get leaked to the press.