Conservative leadership front runner, Erin O’Toole has been complaining about a ‘whisper campaign’ circulating about his campaign chair’s pro-position on the Islamic Shari’a law.

Walied Soliman advocated for banking laws in Canada to change, in order to accept the Islamist Shari’a banking laws: it is haram (an Arabic word for “illegal” in political Islam) for Muslims to pay interest on loans.

Walied also advocated for Islamic investment, that would not include pork, conventional banks (Shari’a compliant only), any industry that promotes gambling, alcohol, tobacco… etc.

The point is; the Shari’a is NOT compatible with Canadian culture, Canadian banking laws, or anything else that is ‘Canadian’.

Millions of Muslims fled to our country to escape the confines of the Shari’a in their homelands.

They didn’t flee their religion, or the teachings of the Quran, they fled the LAWS of the political Shari’a extremists, that forced them into a Shari’a dictated society. Talk to any Iranian over the age of 50 to learn the politics of the Shari’a.

Why would any Canadian, non-radical Muslim vote for a Conservative candidate, when that candidate has an advocate for the Shari’a as a member of his campaign staff?

O’Toole, his campaign staff and adoring followers, responded “2015 Liberal style” by labelling those who spoke of Walied’s affiliations to Shari’a promoting Islamist organizations, as ‘racist’. For whatever reason, O’Toole,, nor his team haven’t addressed, or denied Walied’s brother’s association with Islamic organizations that fund foreign Islamic terrorist groups.

O’Toole labeled Conservative leadership hopeful, Jim Karahalious as a ‘racist’ for pointing out the fact that Walied had indeed advocated for Shari’a banking laws in Canada.  

As reported by the Globe and Mail in 2007, Walied Soliman replies: This is an exciting new industry in Canada that is gaining attention due to the clear retail and growing institutional demand for product. As I’ve written earlier, demand breeds innovation and it has been very exciting working on structuring these products with our team at Ogilvy Renault . We have found that the most important principle in designing these products is coming up with made in Canada solutions. Clients are excited- they all want to be first to market. Much like the securitization and income trust industries it will be interesting to watch the growth of the Islamic finance industry in Canada and the important role it will play in the lives of many Canadians.

Now O’Toole has labeled LGBTory as ‘bigots’, because they had the audacity to ask the question on Twitter: 

“Why is he unable to publicly reject sharia law despite repeated attempts for clarification.  Does he believe in sharia application to #LGBTQ people? Yes/No”

Erin O’Toole’s response was: “It’s disappointing to see an organization dedicated to promoting  human rights amplifying a disgraceful and bigoted smear campaign.”

(The highlight of the word ‘bigoted’ is of this writer)

He then goes on to make it about himself, “For 12 years, I wore the uniform of our country and took an oath to defend the Canadian values of freedom, democracy, and the rule of law.”

Who’s ‘rule of law’ are you speaking of, Erin? 

Justin Trudeau and his Liberal cabinet of UN globalist puppets, have put our country into the danger zone:  we are being laughed at on the world stage, our economy has been bleeding jobs for three years, our debt has needlessly risen almost to 100 billion, while our borders remain open, for our tax dollars to support hundreds of thousands more welfare migrants. 

Canadians need a strong, Conservative government; one that is not ‘afraid’ to stand up against radicals – whether it be Islamists,UNIFOR, ANTIFA, Extinction Rebellion, or any other George Soros funded anti-Canadian rent-a-mob activists, whose only intent is to shut down Canada.

The questions Canadians need to ask themselves is “If this Conservative leadership candidate is wishy-washy, non-committal and so ready to throw out the ‘racist’ card, when it comes to issues that threaten our rule of law and democracy in a leadership race, what will change if he is elected to govern our country?” 

The fact that Erin O’Toole is using defaming words like ‘racist’ and ‘bigot’ in order to silence his critics, and falsely accuse them of ‘being anti-Muslim’, is not only Liberal divisiveness, it’s also factually incorrect:  Shari’a is not a ‘race’. It is Islamic political ideology, based in Islamic law.