Let’s take a good hard look as to who the person is that Conservative MP and leadership hopeful, Erin O’Toole has chosen for his campaign chair and trusted advisor, Walied Soliman.

First, a little background on Mr. Soliman, and Shari’a Law in Ontario.

The Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario, narrowly dodged a bullet recently, when they ousted Patrick Brown as leader of the party in January 2018, on allegations of sexual assault.

Mr. Brown had globalist agendas:  he was all for the Liberal, UN agenda carbon tax, he courted communities that have brought their ghetto-like traditions onto our Canadian soil; who are trying their damndest to change our country of laws into the laws of their homelands – namely Islamic Shari’a law.

Walied Soliman, an Islamist, was Patrick Brown’s campaign manager, who assisted and helped his fellow Islamist, Kaleed Rasheed to get nominated and eventually elected as MPP in the riding of Mississauga East-Cooksville, under the leadership of Doug Ford.

“Take for example Mississauga East, 1995 where Soliman said the riding wasn’t winnable but went blue for two terms.  Not winnable for whom? A fellow Muslim?

Fast-forward to 2018, low and behold there’s Walied Soliman fronting an admitted Muslim Brotherhood supporter, Kaleed Rasheed, from Pakistan as the Ontario Progressive Conservatives’ nominee.”

You can watch the video of CPC MPP Rasheed, addressing the Ontario parliament, glorifying his fellow MB brother and his wife.


During the Liberal years of Dalton McGuinty, Ontario had another Liberal MP Omar Alghabra, Mississauga-Erindale, who was cheering for Islamic Shari’a law in Ontario.

There was such an outcry from voters, that then Premier McGuinty backed off.

 “In 2005, Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty stated, “There will be no sharia law in Ontario. There will be no religious arbitration in Ontario. There will be one law for all Ontarians.” 

Omar was very vocal about his disappointment in McGuinty’s stance.  He lost the seat in 2008 that he had won in 2006, stepped away from politics and came back to win the seat for Mississauga – Centre for the federal Liberals in 2015.

And now, in 2020, Walied Soliman has come out of the woodwork, and hitched his Islamist Shari’a lovin’ shit show, to the bandwagon of Conservative MP Erin O’Toole’s bid for the leadership role of the Conservative Party of Canada, as campaign chairman.

According to Walied Soliman a lawyer at Ogilvy Renault LLP, Canada on Islamic banking rules, “The market has already matured in the U.K., Europe, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. In fact, Canada is ripe for Islamic finance.” But Mohammad Fadel, an assistant professor at the University of Toronto who specializes in Islamic law said “the real gold mine could be Canada’s natural resources and what that might attract in terms of institutional money from Islamic countries”.

Read the article here.

Mr. Soliman is also a globalist.

The United Nations Association in Canada (UNA-Canada) is pleased to announce Walied Soliman as the Association’s 2019 Global Citizen Laureate.

Walied Soliman, global chair and Canadian chair of Norton Rose Fulbright, has achieved significant prominence as an M&A and shareholder activism lawyer.”

The Muslim Association Of Canada, or MAC, also recognized Soliman as a 2019 Global Citizen.

If there is one thing Canadians do not need is another puppet for the corrupt United Nations, let alone a Conservative candidate who hopes to one day become Prime Minister of our country.

It’s bad enough for Canadian’s that our sitting federal Liberal party has been infiltrated by MPs with their anti-Canadian agendas, now, if Erin O’Toole is allowed to win the Conservative Party of Canada leadership race, our Conservative party will also have been infiltrated with the same ideologies that are the antithesis to our democracy and way of life.

The grumblings of grassroots Conservatives are not unfounded.

Andrew Scheer should never have been ousted by the backstabbing insiders of his own party, and then be subjected to the humiliation of having outright lies of ‘theft’ hung around his neck like a stinking albatross.

He was right on the money when he said, “I can fight Liberals.  I can’t fight members of my own party.”

Odd that the only ‘members’ he had to fight within his own party are Liberals.