A tragedy happened when a Ukranian passenger plane fell out of the sky in Iranian airspace and crashed to the ground, killing all on board when it erupted into a fireball that could be seen from miles around.

It happened within hours after the Iranian terrorist regime unleashed volleys of missiles at the US embassy and barracks in Baghdad, that is more commonly known as the ‘green zone’.

These missiles were launched in a theatrical show of chest thumping, in the Iranian Ayatollahs pathetic attempt to prove to the world that they didn’t like that one of their most revered war generals, who, in the world of terrorists, was renowned for his brutal, barbaric, inhumane torture, rape and murder of hundreds of thousands of innocent people in the Middle East; the ‘brains’ behind hundreds more successful terrorist attacks, all approved by the Iranian Ayatollahs, in their quest for Shia Muslim dominance.

I was dismayed, and disgusted by some Canadian news media, who took their cue from the anti-Trump American talking heads, to label President Trump, as a ‘terrorist’.

Canadian citizens of Iranian descent, who escaped their homeland, took to our streets – dancing in celebration, joyous that the cause of their terror was dead. He could no longer terrorize them, or their family and friends who are still living under the control of a fanatical, Islamist religous regime.

Other people took to Canadian streets to mourn the death of their ‘hero’. These people don’t consider Soleimani’s inhumane brutality as a ‘sin’.  They agree with it, and a few admitted, they are supporters of the barbaric, Iranian terrorist militia, al Quds.

Our mainstream Canadian media, chose to ‘educate’ their viewers, by plugging the terrorist narrative of those who were mourning Soleimani, to further their propaganda of portraying President Trump as an unfit president, and now, as an ‘assassin”.

As a born and bred ‘old stock Canadian’, I am appalled that people who live in this country, who have sworn allegiance TO THIS country, would mourn a terrorist.  

It is atrocious that born and bred Canadians would take the side of those mourning a terrorist, to further intensify  their Trump Deranged Syndrome hatred, and label the president of our closest ally a ‘terrorist’.

And now, it has become news, it WAS the Iranians who launched  a missile at a passenger airplane, these terrorist sympathizers and apologists, have found another made up reason to blame President Trump, who had no control over the the actions of a terrorist regime, that chose to murder another 176 innocent men, women and children – 63 of them Canadians.

The death of one murderous tyrant does not equal the deaths of 176 innocent people.

The death of one murderous tyrant has saved the lives of tens, if not hundreds of thousands.

Just think of the death toll that Hitler would have achieved if he hadn’t of been stopped.

The leftwing narrative is, If Trump hadn’t assassinated the Irani general, none of this would have happened, and they say NOTHING about Soleimani’s recent attack on the US Embassy in Baghdad? 

Which was the final catalyst for the Trump administration to ‘ACT’.

I would hope to believe that no Democrat, or the Canadian anti-Trumpers, would ever want another Benghazi, or another Nazi genocidal regime…

Yet, by their reactions to President Trump’s action, it appears that that is exactly what they want.