My take on the English language debate tonite:

First round winner: NDP Jagmeet.
Second round winner: Andrew Scheer.

# 1 UN cheerleader: Elizabeth May
# 2 UN cheerleader: Jagmeet Singh

Who invoked the name of Stephen Harper the most:
#1 Justin Trudeau
#2 Elizabeth May

Who came out with the most billion dollar socialist programs:
#1 and #2 Elizabeth May and Jagmeet (they accused each other of stealing each other’s platforms)
#3 Justin Trudeau.

Who promised to kill Canada’s energy sector:
#1 and #2 Elizabeth May and Jagmeet Singh. Both want to kill Canada’s oil, NGL and nuclear power plants. (Funny, neither of them who happen to be MPs in British Columbia, had anything to say about coal, which BC is Canada’s largest exporter of.)
#3 Justin Trudeau
#4 The Bloc Québécois guy, Blanchette, by not allowing ANY federal jurisdiction to ‘override HIS “nations rights”. (Even though a majority of Québécois agree with Canadian energy.)

Who had the best Indigenous Affairs policy:
#1 Andrew Scheer
#2 Max Bernier

Who had the best ‘leave more money in the pockets of Canadians:
#1 Andrew Scheer
#2 Max Bernier

Overall, what I got out of watching the debate was:

The Green Party:
Is following the UN’s Agenda to a Tee. They are promising to ‘uplift’ Canadians by raising taxes on Canadians who ‘earn more than 20 million dollars a year’ (the absolute 1% who know enough to hide their money in offshore accounts).

Kill our Canadian energy industry altogether (she should spend a winter in Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, or any of the Atlantic provinces to know how unviable her stupid UN ‘idea’ is.)
Abolish tuition for higher learning.

Make Pharmaceuticals ‘free’ for those earning under $70,000/year. It’s a 60 billion dollar a year ‘promise’, with no way to pay for it.

The NDP:
See the Green Party’s Agenda

The Liberals:
To continue to tax and spend. Justin kept bragging about his “lifting 900,000 Canadians out of poverty, which includes 300,000 children” because of his child tax benefit. (Do the math. Does every child have THREE parents?)

He’s also under the gun to raise his carbon tax – to meet the UN’s monetary requirements, as demanded by the Greens and the NDP, as well as continue to fund rich foreign governments.

The Bloc:
Wants to be known as a nationalist country within our country and willingly wants to continue to receive the 13 billion dollars a year in welfare payments from the rest of Canada, (mainly Alberta. Justin refused to re-evaluate transfer payments from Alberta in 2016.)

Why THIS party was involved in a ‘national’ debate, considering the fact they don’t hold ANY seats outside of Quebec, and it was in English, is beyond me.
He did do well on issues of taxation and Canadian sovereignty, as it applied to Quebec as a nation.

He totally opposed any federal government imposing the will of the nation on HIS province.

The PPC:
An anti-immigration Party, that wants to reduce corporate welfare and balance the budget, with no clear platform to do so.

The Conservatives:
Reduce government foreign ‘aid’ to rich foreign countries.

Punch above our weight in reducing global climate emissions by selling Canadian reducing emission technology to third world and developed countries like China, the US, India, Brazil etc.

Eliminate the carbon tax: it hurts the bottom line of families and businesses.

Consult and converse with Indigenous people’s to ‘lift them up’, rather than throw more money at them. (I trust they are on board with this, rather than the current program that enables them to continue to live in squalor and poverty.)

Reduce federal taxes for the middle class those earning $70,000 a year or less.

Re-instate tax credits for families who earn less than $70,000 for sports, arts and transit.

All the party leaders did well In getting their platforms across.

Justin Trudeau did an excellent job in repeating the same lying talking points that he has over the past three years.

Maybe he should of shown up in blackface. At least then, he would’ve done ‘politics differently’.

Oh, wait…