Where have the spines of the men gone who aspire to be leaders of our country?

There used to be a time when politicians said something, newsies and journos would REPORT what they said.

The people would then decide whether they liked what the politician said and vote accordingly.

Nowadays, it’s the media that are TELLING us, their viewers, and their readers “WHO” to vote for.

Welcome to 2020: a time where newsies and journos cease to exist, replaced by bots and government paid propaganda machines, ordered to write columns, to control the public perspective, who are more aligned with George Orwell’s 1984, and the Saul Alinsky agenda… a recipe for a socilast disaster

Case in point is Conservative leader candidate, Peter MacKay’s recent tweet giving “kudos” to the law abiding citizens that dismantled the garbage and debris that was illegally blockading a national railway line.

MacKay tweeted, “Glad to see a couple Albertans with a pickup can do more for our economy in an afternoon than Justin Trudeau could do in four years,” 

Considering the fact that our country has been governed by a cabal of UN globalist puppets for the past four years, it is heartwarming to know there were half a dozen taxpaying, Canadian citizens, and at least ONE politician who cares more about our country and our economy than the sitting Liberal government does.

Or, that’s what it seemed to be in the Peter MacKay world of virtue signalling politics.

Evan Solomon of CTV News Power Play, accused Peter MacKay of “promoting  vigilantism”, which prompted McKay to delete his tweet.

I have to wonder… What the HELL is going on in the minds of wannabe Conservative party leaders, when they let the MEDIA lead THEM around by their noses?

MacKay drops his pants, blew away his integrity in order to kowtow to the media.

When Canadian Conservative politicians allow their voices to be shut down by the Liberal bought and paid for taxpayer media, that should send a shiver of repulsion up and down every Canadian spine and warning signs into the root of your belly.

For the readers, and the book smart educated:

George Orwell’s 1984 is alive and well in 2020 Canada.

Alvin Tofler was onto something, which society has succumbed to.