Over the past three, going into four weeks, our country has been shut down by a bunch of radical thugs, in supposed support of the Wet’suwet’en non-elected ‘hereditary’ chiefs.

It has come to light that the majority of the Wet’suwet’en people and elected leaders are in support of the Coastal Link Natural Gas Pipeline that runs through their claimed territory.

In Ontario, the Mohawks in Caledonia have shut down roads.  

The Mohawks in Belleville Ontario have not only shut down rail lines, they have tried setting fire to moving locomotives.

The Tyendinaga (Belleville) Mohawks are the ones that shut down CN and Via Rail lines for almost three weeks.

An Ontario court, awarded an injunction to disband the illegal barricades, which the OPP ignored for two weeks, that allowed the blockades to continue, resulting in businesses losing millions of dollars, because they couldn’t supply products to consumers, logistics companies putting more semis on the roads, creating more congestion, equals more CO2..

It also resulted in Atlantic Canada, namely Newfoundland being deprived of the natural gas they depend on to heat their homes, businesses, hospitals, churches etc.

The media didn’t report the plight of our furthermost East Coast Canadians, instead, they chose to report on the whining of Quebec politicians – the same politicians that are anti-Alberta pipelines, who ironically are building their own 650 km gas pipeline,  Énergie Saguenay.

Where are the protestors on that project?

The Bloc Québécois leader, Yves-François Blanchet, put forth a motion to pass a Private Members bill to stop Teck Frontier energy in Alberta.

Meanwhile in La Belle Provence, Énergie Saguenay has the go-ahead for a 650 km pipeline. The hypocrite, Blanchet, has no business in interfering, or putting his two francs in ANY federal business.  

The Bloc represents a few voters in one province,  A province that never signed onto Canada’s Constitution.  Yet, they get the most out of our Confederation.

Bloc leader Yves-François Blanchet will introduce a motion: “That the House call on the government to not authorize the Teck Frontier mine development, as this project can not be reconciled with the Paris Agreement targets.”

Read the article here.

The pipeline to feed proposed Quebec LNG facilities advances.

For an estimated US$3.8 billion, Gazoduq would bury 780 kilometers (470 miles) of jumbo pipe, 42 inches in diameter. The line would run from Ontario to the proposed US$7.5 billion Energie Saguenay LNG terminal 210 kilometers (210 miles) east of Quebec City.

Teck Frontier pulled their application a few days before the Justin Trudeau, anti-Canada oil agenda government, was to tell Teck, they were not going to be approved.  

As reported by Don Braid in the National Post: 

This seems to be the end of a project that’s been a decade in the making, passed both federal and provincial regulatory hurdles, and would have created thousands of jobs with potential investment of $20 billion.

“The factors that led to today’s decision further weaken national unity,” Kenney said.

“The Government of Alberta agreed to every request and condition raised by the federal government for approving the Frontier project, including protecting bison and caribou habitat, regulation of oilsands emissions and securing full Indigenous support.

“The Government of Alberta repeatedly asked what more we could do to smooth the approval process. We did our part, but the federal government’s inability to convey a clear or unified position let us, and Teck, down.”

The full article can be read here.

Over a hundred and fifty billion dollars have left Canada since Justin Trudeau found himself elected into the position he recently found himself re-elected into.

Think of the JOBS that 150 billion dollars of entrepreneurial money would have created.

Now, think of the 150 billion dollars of DEBT, Justin has straddled taxpayers with, without creating a single damn job, unless, it was a government job, which taxpayers are on the hook for, plus the benefits and their pensions.

Our country is in one big mess:  

No, Justin, budgets do not balance themselves..

One cannot spend themselves into prosperity, Justin. Unless your agenda is to saddle upcoming generations with mountains of debt, and interest payments.

No, Justin, terrorists do NOT make our country ‘diverse’, nor are they a ‘valuable voice’ for Canadians.

Open borders, where the scourge of the worst can freely walk across our borders to claim free healthcare, dental, welfare, housing, and welfare cheques, that Canadians pay for, do NOT ‘contribute’ to our social network.  They are a drain on our tax money.

Our country is going into a freefall nose dive, as pertains to lawlessness, the economy and ourd image on the world stage. 

It doesn’t surprise this writer in the least that the inept and incompetent, Clown Prince of Papineau, aka UN useful puppet, is choosing to ignore the ails that are plaguing our country; he created this, all on account of his UN agenda driven politics. 

Instead of addressing the blockades that are destroying our economy, tearing apart our country, Justin wants to ‘dialogue’ with people who don’t want to ‘dialogue’ with him.  He burned people with his 2015 promises of reconciliation, . why would anyone want to ‘dialogue’ with someone who goes back on his word?

Instead of addressing the future of 36 million Canadians and the unity of our country, Justin sadly chose to once again virtue signal.

Apparently in Justin’s world of unicorns, pixie dust and tickle trunks, “Pink Day” is the ‘thing’ of national impotence (not a sic)… it’s as impotent as his ‘leadership’ has been.

Where is the “leadership” that Justin boasts of when it comes to ‘reconciliation’, ‘Balancing the budget”?  And “Unity”?

For Justin Trudeau to deflect with his neverending virtue signalling, while our country is being overtaken by anarchy and domestic terrorists, only goes to show exactly how unserious he is at governing our country.

No matter your political stripe, if you do NOT agree with Justin’s agenda of governing our country, you need to reach out to your local riding MP, to tell them what you think.

The majority of your riding elected an MP, and they are there to represent YOU, not the party.