A message to Alberta and Saskatchewan, from an Ontario gal.

Today was kind of rough…

By this morning, I had gotten over my utter disgust at my fellow Ontarian’s for voting the worst ‘leader’ in the history or our country back into office.

I couldn’t, and still cannot imagine how the good citizens of Alberta and Saskatchewan must feel; hopelessness and despair, come to mind, along with a deep rooted furious anger.

I feel it too.

Please, don’t ‘hate on’ All Ontarian’s, especially the ones who live outside the “Toronto bubble.”

Inside the “Toronto bubble”, or the 416 area code, quite a few of the incumbents got a run for their money, with votes for Consecutive candidates within anywhere from a couple of hundred to a couple of thousand.

I can’t speak for the “Ottawa bubble”… but the same crap happened there.

If it wasn’t for Justin’s fear mongering campaign of “Doug Ford’s Conservative cuts, will be Andrew Scheer’s cuts” narrative, coupled with the 1.5 million dollar the anti-Conservative campaign run by Jerry Bias-Dias of the UNIFOR union, I KNOW that the results would have been different.

I realize that this won’t give any comfort, and it’s not intended to.

We do need change.

Forty, fifty, sixty years ago, when Ontario was hailed as the ‘economic engine of Canada’, we paid the lions share of equalization payments.

Billions of our tax dollars a year went to the Atlantic provinces, Quebec and Alberta. I remember bitching about that when I was in my twenties and my fellow Ontarian’s stupidly elected an NDP government led by Bob Rae.

It was a ‘chicken in every pot’ four years.

People who had full-time jobs, were collecting welfare. The members of public sector unions all got big fat raises, deferred pensions, more days off – it was a dream come true: for them.

Taxes went up. Threats of even higher taxes culminated in a public backlash so severe, Rae backed down.

The problem he now faced was, he couldn’t meet payroll for Ontario’s civil servants. Hence “Rae Days”. Government employees had to take one Friday off a month, with no pay.

The unions were so enraged, they’ve never backed their own NDP party since then.

Ontarian’s were still sending billions of dollars a year to the feds in equalization payments.

Ontario was never a “have not province”, until the last four years of a 15 year Liberal rule, under Dalton McGuinty/Gerald Butts, and then Kathleen Wynne, who continued with Butts’ agendas.

At the same time, Alberta was in their ‘boom years’, so Ontario got a little extra, which we needed, as our debt was reaching the 350 billion dollar mark. Our manufacturing industry was destroyed because of Gerald Butts ‘green energy’ scam, electricity prices went through the roof.

Businesses closed down, or relocated. Prices on everything skyrocketed. Over 600,000 Ontario families couldn’t pay their electricity bills, and 65,000 families had their electricity shut off for more than a year.

Fortunately, our suicide rates didn’t go up, surprisingly.

Unfortunately, especially over the past four years, the demographics of our urban centres have changed so drastically, some areas are unrecognizable.

The good news is, our economy is starting to flourish again under the premiership of Doug Ford; our 350 billion dollar debt is being paid down, and we are no longer considered a ‘have not’ province.

I don’t want to see the breakup of our country with a western separation.

What I want the see is Canadians from each eastern province support our beloved western provinces, and band together to FORCE Justin Trudeau with his coalition Bloc/NDP MP’s to CHANGE the equalization payment formula so the provinces that need it the most don’t have to pay billions of dollars a year to the one province which is now running a surplus, and blocking pipelines, on provincial and now federal levels.

We are ALL Canadians, and we are ALL in this together.

God Bless Canada, and lets all band together to help our fellow Canadians in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

The following is a missive sent to Justin from Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe.

We need to support the west, for the sake of our country, despite Justin Trudeau’s UN Agenda, and Gerald Butts’s agenda to destroy our energy sectors.

If he (Justin Trudeau) is serious, if he really means it, here is what he could do right away:

  1. Cancel the federal carbon tax.
  2. Commit to negotiate a new equalization formula that is fair to Saskatchewan and Alberta.
  3. Commit to develop a plan to ensure Saskatchewan and Albert can export our exports to international markets. This means pipelines.