I truly wish that everyone who has climbed onto the bandwagon of absurdity, called ‘Climate Change’, would take the time to read the manifesto that George Soros and his Canadian pal, Maurice Strong came up with in the late 60’s.

Their agenda was to instil a ‘one world government’, where they would be the suppliers and distributors to the ‘government’.

First though, they had to find a way to harness the ‘people’ by controlling them. Land and water were quickly dismissed, because those are ‘tangibles’. So they settled on the weather, er, ‘climate’.

The plan was to scare the (crap) out of every citizen in developed, capitalist countries. They planted stories about the doom of an ‘impending Ice Age’ in the 70’s. When people didn’t get ‘scared’ enough, they came out with a ‘hole in the ozone layer, and it’s going to fry everything on the planet’. Their targets were Canada and the US.

Governments started to take heed and began banning aerosols; targeting women who used aerosol hair spray in their bathrooms every morning. That was the end of the era of ‘big hair’ for women, and their plan started taking root.

In the late 80’s, they approached the UN, as they needed to get their message out on a global scale. The greedy poufs at the UN were the perfect patsies. They spelled out their plan.

The UN bit.

Up comes the 90’s with the next fear mongering tactic: “Global Warming”. It kinda fit in quite nicely with the “we’re all gonna fry” ozone layer tactic, only now, they’ve added a few more things that need to be ‘banned’ in order to gain control of governments and people.

Only, the ‘people’ weren’t buying it, because their governments weren’t selling it. Government leaders knew they couldn’t sell ‘global warming’ to their citizens when half of them are up to their knees, or higher in snow. We won’t even get into ice storms or -40 Celsius arctic air that would hang around for weeks, and then the ice storms.

Think back to Kyoto accord of 1997, yes, Jean Chrétien signed onto it, so did Bill Clinton, as well as 196 other world leaders, but they didn’t ‘agree’ to tax their voters for keeping warm in the winter, cool in the summer, or driving their vehicles.

Enter Al Gore, the 45th vice president of the United States, turned into a globalist fear mongering UN shill, to spread the word of ‘doom and gloom’ to citizens around the globe.

Finally, something worked!

The only problem was, government leaders were still adverse to the concept of taxing the air.

The next step was to ‘buy’ political candidates, that would ‘spread the Agenda 21 Manifesto’ that Maurice Strong and George Soros had written.

In 2006, Liberal MP Stephane Dion ran on a platform of ‘taxing carbon’. Canadians rejected more taxes, and elected a minority Conservative government.

Enter Barack Obama. And then Justin Trudeau, in 2015.

Barack tried desperately to ignite the UN/Strong/Soros agenda, as dictated to developed countries. Thankfully, the Americans have two term limits on their presidents. And more thankfully, they didn’t elect the Benghazi/email criminal, Hilary Clinton.

Six point nine million Canadians chose the globalist, UN puppet, Justin Trudeau in 2015.

Elements of the Strong/Soros/UN Agenda include:
* Making street drugs legal (Soros wants to be the distributor)
* Disarming citizens (easier to control, when we can’t fight back)
* Waging war against farmers (government to buy them out)
* Government to dictate what people eat
* Wage wars against fossil fuels (only in Canada though)
* Over populate major cities (easier to control with social services)
* Run up massive debts (in order to justify higher taxation)
* Give billions of dollars away to foreign countries
* Get populations hooked on pharmaceuticals (Soros has been busy buying up pharma)

There is a wealth of information on Maurice Strong and George Soros, that completely explains why we are, where we are with the ‘climate’ agenda.

Let’s stop the ‘climate’ mob and do what the farmers did in the Netherlands with a 700 mile protest.