Justin Trudeau, made a promise to Canadians in 2015, that he would run a measly 10 BILLION dollar deficit, to invest in ‘infrastructure’.

Little did Canadians know at that time, that his measly little 10 BILLION dollars a year, for three years, would double itself, for the next four years and that the ‘investment in infrastructure’ was to be investment in other countries.

Justin never achieved his 2015 election promise of a balanced budget in 2019 – Canadians found themselves more than 100 BILLION more in debt, with NO investment in infrastructure in Canada; our money, our children’s, and grandchildren’s money was given to foreign countries, mostly ruled by dictators.

Justin Trudeau is famous for his dramatic lectures to Canadians and the UN that, “The environment and the economy go hand in hand.”   Too bad the dictators Justin gave billions to, don’t have the same virtue signalling ideologies, nor do they seem to believe in man made ‘climate change’.

Justin’s ideologies have nothing to do with reality, or science.  

The reality is, Justin Trudeau, and his activist sidekick, Gerald Butts, since 2015 have been waging a war against western Canadian oil and gas.

Justin’s 2014 campaign pledge, “I will shut down Canadian oil and gas”, was completely ignored by the 6.9 million Canadians who voted for him in the 2015 election, and then was ignored again in the 2019 election by 5.1 million Justin voters. These are the same Canadians that depend on fossil fuels to heat and cool their homes; to fuel their cars, have the audacity to bitch about Canadian oil and gas as they go about their petroleum filled, comfortable lives have shown themselves to be complete hypocrites at the ballot box.

The reality is, Canada and the bobbled-headed climate alarmist peoplekind, don’t seem to understand that Canada has zero impact on global emissions, or the power to affect the earth’s climate.

We could shut down our whole economy, and it would have no impact on global emissions.

Canada, as a natural energy resource country, could do our part in reducing global emissions, by selling our ethical, clean, oil and gas to Asian countries that are still reliant on coal – burning coal, is one of largest contributors of GHG into the atmosphere.

The province of British Columbia happens to be the largest exporter of coal in Canada to Asian countries, yet there are no protestors protesting B.C.’s coal industry.  They are too busy trying to shut down the provinces liquified natural gas project that CoastalGas has been approved for, to build a pipeline to supply clean burning natural gas to countries that are reliant on coal. 

Justin and his government have yet to sign off on any western Canadian energy companies that have passed ALL the consultations, jumped through ALL the hoops of environmental impact regulations, so western resources could get to international markets, to give our drooping economy a much needed boost, creating thousands of jobs.

A fun fact is, Co2 is a natural gas in our atmosphere.  Humans need it to survive, trees and plants need it to flourish. There is no ‘settled’ scientific evidence to correlate the earth’s ‘warming’, due to increased Co2 levels. Higher levels of Co2 were present during our planet’s last Ice Age.  It is ludicrous, and irresponsible that this government, and it’s activist ‘leader’ would wage a war against our western provinces, using their natural resources as a weapon.

The same can’t be said about the east though. Justin Trudeau has given a free pass to Quebec’s oil and gas projects, including a 780 km pipeline from Ontario to La Belle Province, that would supply natural gas to Quebecers, which they are dependent on.

Since Justin claims he is the ‘government of the environment’, why the hell isn’t he waging the same environmental war on Quebec for their pipeline, or for releasing another 9 billion litres of raw human sewage pollution into the freshwater St. Lawrence river? Yet, he’s the first one on a soap box, decrying the use of straws, single use plastics and water bottles, more commonly known as “cardboard water bottle things”, falsely accusing Canadian’s of ‘polluting the oceans with plastic’.  The reality is, it’s the same coal burning Asian countries dumping garbage into their rivers, that empty into the oceans.

If this government wants to redeem the trust of Canadians, they need to drop the fear mongering UN climate change rhetoric; stop their war against western Canadian natural resources, and start governing for ALL Canadians from coast to coast.

They would be doing themselves a huge favor, if they would quit being blatant hypocrites.