We need to have a conversation regarding the epidemic of hoarding and panic buying of food and sanitary products across Canada, the US, Australia and Britain… one has to ask themselves, “where did people get the idea that they had to lower themselves to hoarding levels?”

The answer is, “The media”.  The media that is on the payroll of the UN’s (United Nations) globalist elected governments to promote UN agendas; to destroy democracies.

It’s time for Canadians and all citizens of Western democracies to put their ‘thinking caps’ on, and come back to a level of common sense, because the globalists at the UN and their puppet governments, are sitting back, laughing their arses off at how easy it is to manipulate us: The evidence is in empty store shelves.

As a Canadian, I will say to Canadians who have been stockpiling toilet paper for the past three weeks:  the toilet paper you buy in your Canadian stores is made in Canada. 

The manufacturers of our Canadian butt-wipe have publicly stated, “There is no shortage of toilet paper.”  It’s too bad our media wasn’t letting us in on that little ‘secret’.

Provincial governments all across Canada, have issued statements, urging citizens to “Stop hoarding. There is no reason to panic.”

Many of us are trying to figure out what family needs 500 or more rolls of  toilet paper? 

Even if a family of 5 is quarantined for 14 days… it would be impossible for them to use 500 rolls of toilet paper.

Fun fact: CoronaVirus symptoms do not include diarrhea.

Yet, Canadians from coast to coast, have been panic buying and hoarding Canadian made toilet paper.

I went to my local grocery store earlier today. The frozen vegetable section was empty.  The bread section was empty. The toilet paper section was empty, and the bleach section was empty.

What wasn’t empty, was the cleaning supplies section.  You know, PineSol, Mr. Clean, FeBreeze, Mr. Muscle, Lysol liquids, dish soap… which is interesting, because all those who have been toilet paper/hand sanitizer/bleach panic buying fools, obviously didn’t watch the videos of the Wuhan hazmatted clad Chinese, spraying the surfaces of sidewalks, walls of buildings.  They weren’t spraying bleach.

More obvious is, the hoarders and panic buyers, didn’t watch the newscasts of TTC workers spraying the inside of TTC buses and subways, including the walls, they also weren’t spraying bleach.

They were spraying HOT STEAM!

It has been known for WEEKS that the CoronaVirus doesn’t “like”, or survive in heat.

To protect yourselves, read this, and more importantly, watch the video that will give you more information, than the lame stream, fear mongering media will.

Yet, the shelves of hand sanitizers, bleach and Lysol wipes were bare.  They don’t kill the virus, nor are you protected. Medical experts have been telling us that 20 seconds of hand washing, is more a preventive and safer method than hand sanitizers and wipes.

Spraying down one’s adobe with Javex or Clorox, is poisonous, especially if you have lung, heart disorders, or pets. You are stupidly putting your health, as well as your family members at risk.

Bleach is not going to save you.  It might help kill you. Read the warning label before spraying bleach in your home..

The people who are most at risk of the CoronaVirus, are those with auto-immune deficiencies:  Cancer patients, those recovering from major surgeries, people who have the AIDS virus, hepatitis, low income families, the elderly.

As Canada basically shuts itself down, with the exception of our borders, which are still wide open, and our Justin government is only ‘thinking’ of redirecting international flights to just a ‘couple of airports’, the only ‘screening protocol’ the Justin Liberals have put in place is, to hand out their government pamphlets to travellers embarking from international flights. Hopefully, the pamphlets are written in an assortment of different languages.

The CoronaVirus is spreading throughout Canada, most cases are the direct result of those who have come from, or travelled abroad, including Justin’s wife.

Is it truly the ‘alarming rate’ that the media is trying to scare us with? If so, why isn’t our government doing more to stop potential carriers of the virus from coming into our country?

The SARS epidemic of 2003 was attributed to 438 probable and suspect SARS cases reported, which included 44 deaths.

As opposed to CoronaVirus,  the SARS virus, was never labelled a ‘pandemic’.  

In 2003, the UN didn’t  have the control it has had since October 2015 .

SARS was labeled as an ‘epidemic’, by our Canadian media, yet seventeen years later, the UN arm of the World Health Organization, has labelled the CoronaVirus aa a ‘pandemic’, putting the fear of death into millions of people, and our UN puppet, Justin Trudeau, refuses to close international flights from hotspots. There have been two deaths, in Canada, both elderly out of a reported 170 cases.

How does this make sense?

The insanity continues with our youngsters that have been indoctrinated into climate alarmist activists.  Yes, there is a correlation between COVID-19 and Climate Change… unfortunately.

These not so ‘wise’ young ones, are cheering for the spread of CoronaVirus, as they stupidly believe the virus will “kill off all the old people who don’t believe in their, ‘climate change’ indoctrination,  they have renamed COVID-19, as the “Baby Boomer Doomer”.

If these young people had an ounce of common sense amongst them, they would realize they are cheering for the deaths of their grandparents, and other elderly family members.  That’s how indoctrinated they have become by their radical, activist teachers, the media, and unfortunately, elected federal MP’s.

The fact that our sitting anti-Canadian, activist, inept government is refusing to screen foreign travellers, arriving by air, or illegal migrants who are still coming illegally via Roxham Road, is in violation of the oath of the Prime Minister’s oath of office,

Add into that, he tabled legislation that will give non-Canadians FREE health and dental care for the next 20 years, is deplorable.

Canada needs to be FIXED… Justin Trudeau broke it.  Just like his daddy did.

It’s up to the whole of Canadians to unite, ignore the Liberal fear mongering propaganda, that ‘Conservatives are going to put us back 100 years’ globalist/Liberal rhetoric – the fact is, the Justin Liberals are putting us back into the stone age.

Canadians need to elect a strong, anti-establishment, and anti-UN, Conservative government.

A great message from the Canadian Iconic journalist, Rex Murphy:

“Unlike most other such diseases, it kills mostly the old who, let’s face it, are more likely to be climate skeptics. It spares the young. Most of all, it stymies the forces that have been generating greenhouse gases for decades. Deadly enough to terrify; containable enough that aggressive quarantine measures can prevent it from spreading. The rational response for any country determined to prevent loss of life is to follow China’s lead and lock down their economy to stem its spread.”

Read the whole article here.