This is crazy!

Under Ontario’s Labour Laws, If an applicant for a job lies on their resume, they can be immediately dismissed/fired with no compensation.

The Human Rights Tribunal is nothing more than an alt-left, uber-politically correct kangaroo court.

In this case, the would be employer, clearly stated that applicants ‘must be Canadian citizens”. The applicant was NOT a Canadian citizen. He applied anyway and lied about his citizenship status. When he couldn’t produce his citizenship papers – because he didn’t have any, the job offer was rescinded.

All perfectly legal and the employers right.

So he sued, and won $120,000.00 in lost wages, for a job he never had, and for the four years it took for this case to be heard.

I have to wonder, what the hell has happened to our country and fair justice?

National Post
Muhammad Haseeb, a university graduate in engineering, has been awarded over $120,000 by the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario in a discrimination in employment application against Imperial Oil. What makes this case particularly interesting is that Haseeb never actually worked for Imperial Oil. The discrimination in question was the company’s reneging on a job offer.


The case involved a hiring policy requiring applicants to prove they were eligible to work in Canada on a permanent basis. Haseeb would have been eligible for a work permit for a job at Imperial Oil but he was neither a Canadian citizen nor permanent resident. In his application, he stated — falsely — that he was in fact eligible to work on a permanent basis. This led to a job offer. But when Imperial Oil asked for proof of citizenship or permanent residency, he could not provide it. As a result, Imperial Oil rescinded the offer.