As published in the pro-Liberal HuffPo on February 18, Althia Raj proudly wrote, “Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer was denounced by other party leaders Tuesday for giving a speech that, according to the NDP, amounted to “absolute racism” in response to the government’s handling of the continued Wet’suwet’en crisis.”

The  TRUTH is, Andrew Scheer, pleaded for the Trudeau government to order the police to do their jobs; to enforce court orders to end the blockades that have shut down Canada’s railways  for more than two weeks, that are having a devastating effect on our economy’.

The blockades are not getting fuels, and goods to remote parts of Canada who rely on our national rail lines to survive.

Meanwhile, Justin was on a month long global trotting spree to bribe the leaders of third world shit holes to vote for him, so Canada could win a non-voting, temporary seat on the corrupt, and defunct UN Security Council.

The LPC stupidly cancelled Justin’s holidaying.  They should have let him globe trot. He hasn’t done a damn thing about the crisis, except paying lip service…

Andrew Scheer lambasted Justin’s non-actions in the House of Commons by stating, “The Illegal blockades must be brought down, and the rule of law enforced”.

Justin virtue signalled with his dramatic reply, “We will not interfere with the good work that the RCMP does.” In his other words, “I don’t want to do anything that will make me look bad.”

Justin then convened a meeting with the party leaders.  He invited all, except the leader of the official Queen’s opposition:  Andrew Scheer.

Justin’s excuse for not including the Leader of the Queen’s Opposition was, “Andrew Scheer disqualified himself”.

 Mr. Scheer had described Justin’s excuses for not wanting to uphold the rule of Canadian law, as  ‘word salads’. Mr. Scheer had also demanded the ruling government to “put an end to the illegal blockades, by enforcing the law.”

Justin didn’t want to do anything that would make him look bad, and apparently had a hissy fit because his oratory in his bestest teacher voice, was correctly summarized for what it was, a “word salad”.

Canada is, or was a democratic country: a country who values the voices of all.

It was a slap in the face to not only the 6.1 million Canadians that voted Conservative in the 2019 election, 

Justin Trudeau slapped  ALL Canadians n the face when HE made the decision to not include Andrew Scheer on the discussion of how to handle the illegal blockades that are shutting down our country, and the dire effect it is having on our economy. 

We have to keep in mind that the majority of the protesters are ‘rent-a-mobs’ funded by foreign billionaires hiding behind organizations such as 350 dot org, demand protest dot com, and Rockefeller funded Tides Canada is linked into funding these rent-a-mobs, to shut down Canada’s resource sectors, while ignoring the all the real criminal countries of pollution.

Since January 28th , it’s these people who Justin Trudeau has been supporting.

For weeks, Andrew Scheer has been calling for the dismantling of the illegal blockades, and the rule of law to be obeyed, by those who’s only agenda is to shut down our country, and our economy.

For the few days this year that Justin has been physically present in Canada, he has taken every opportunity to label Andrew Scheer, as “divisive”, stopping short of calling him ‘anti-Canadian, as he accuses him of ‘not looking out for the interests of….Canadians.”

Stating FACTS is NOT ‘divisive’, Justin..  Nor is it racist, Jagmeet.

It appears that the left, has fallen so far out of their left-leaning soap box cars, they have scraped their elbows and forearms on the oil based asphalt.

Hence the whining.

The rubber of Justin’s warped Liberal hypocrisy hit the road again, today, February 21, 2020, when Justin, in his bestest oratory voice, preached to Canadians;

“The barricades must now come down. The injunctions must be obeyed and the law must be upheld”.

It is highly hypocritical for  Justin to take this stance now, when a week ago, he vilified, lambasted, and tried to label Andrew Scheer as divisive, as‘someone who can’t solve anything with controversial tactics’, is now applying the SAME tactics.

It’s a sorry state that our country is in when the leader of our country behaves in such controversial, divisive manners, while lecturing the rest of us on HOW to behave.