I’ve been thinking about this for a few days, and I still haven’t come to a reasonable conclusion as to WHY certain Americans and Canadians are mourning the death of the general of the Islmic Iranian terrorist regime.

General Qassem Suleimani wasn’t a well known figure as it pertained to Canadians and Americans who don’t generally pay attention to Middle Eastern politics or, atrocities. 

His name was never reported, or as famous as bin Laden, Jihadi John, al Bagdhadi, al Banna.  

Yet, the atrocities that he and his armed thugs, superseded the atrocities of his equally dead predecessors.

Qassen Suleimani was though, a very well known figure within the Middle East and the security forces of western democracies.

He was a military strategist, who recognized the power of working ‘behind the scenes’, in order to achieve the goal.

Suleimani’s goal, was similar to Hitler’s goal: the eradication of the Jews, and the establishment of a worldwide Islamic caliphate.

Those in the Middle East, who did not want to adhere to the tenets of Shari’a law, which the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corp, (IRGC), whom Suleimani was the ‘general’ of that army as well, he was the commander of the al Quds army that forced Iranian women and girls to cover their hair, their faces and raped them at will.  

When Iranian fathers, husbands, brothers spoke out against the brutalization of their female loved ones, they would be arrested, imprisoned and tortured.  Most never to be seen again.

The women and girls who had previously been raped and tortured, were re-arrested, only to be raped and tortured again, suffering brutal agonizing deaths.

Under Suleimani’s leadership, the IRGC and al Quds forces ruled in reigning  terror upon Iranian, women girls and citizens, who were unable to defend themselves’

After Saddam Hussein had been disposed of in Iraq, with the help of the US government of George Dubya Bush, the gate was opened and the brutal Islamic Iranian terrorist regime walked in to fill the void.

Even though Saddam Hussein brutalized his citizens, robbed/bribed the US (hundreds of millions of dollars found in the walls of his various mansions), Iraq was a ‘stabilized’ country in the Middle East

For all of us living in the safety of western ‘democracy’, we view Middle Eastern wars as “Middle Eastern wars”.

In 2020, that is a lackadaisical, no-interest, non-informed, stupid point of view.

Proof to point is; the US Democrats being pouty and mad because President Trump, “didn’t run it through them (Congress) first”, in regards to taking out Sulieman, and are now fear mongering about WWIII.

For the past 40 years, Iranian Ayatollahs have been preaching ‘Death to America, “ to their followers, all over the world.

No matter how the left wing media chooses to spin their narrative that President Trump is ‘trying to start a war’, the facts are;  the Iranian terrorist regime, has been taking advantage of the United States and the rest of the Free World, for the past 10 years.

Obama GAVE Iran, one hundred and fifty BILLION dollars.

One point eight billion American dollars was put on a plane in pallets, and flown to the terrorist controlled regime of Iran, to enable them to spread their Islamist terrorist tentacles throughout the world.

For the life of  me, I honestly don’t understand how civilized human beings could support or, deem a terrorist as a victim, when the ‘victims’ ideology demanded that he kill us first.