It is interesting that Sophie Gregoire Trudeau was in the UK with her mother-in-law, Margaret Sinclair-Trudeau-Kemper, talking up British citizens  at a youth-oriented charity event with 12,000 people, including British celebrities, at a WE-Day event.

It is odd that neither the Canadian or UK media broadcasted this ‘event’ that had Justin Trudeau’s two ‘star’ women attending.

It could be because of Sophie’s numerous public faux pas, that include her whining about not having ‘anyone to help her do her good work’, while billing Canadian taxpayers for two nannies to look after her one preschool aged children – the whining started after she found out that Michelle Obama had like 20 personal assistants on her first visit to the White House; her solo singing performance about herself at a Martin Luther King Day celebration, the costumes she packed in her family’s tickle trunk on their laughable photo-op adventure to India in 2017… I digress, this is not about the past.

So, what HAS Sophie been doing since the last time Justin trotted her out on the eve of October 21, 2019?

According to whisperers, Sophie and Justin have separated. (There is no actual record of this.)

But, if they aren’t separated, why hasn’t the media been reporting on ‘all the good work’ she does, that requires her to have a ‘personal secretary’ (or 26, like Michelle had), in order for her to “keep up with” her “demanding schedule”?  Her words.

To the public’s eye, Sophie has been in ‘isolation’ since October 22, 2019.

The questions Canadians need to be asking is: 

Who paid for her and Mags to fly to the UK, to participate in an activist event? 

Why would the Canadian government (her husband) allow the Prime Minister’s wife and mother to travel abroad during this CoronaVirus crisis?

It also begs the question as to WHY our Canadian government hasn’t restricted flights into Canada from hot-spot countries, and WHY flights are still landing in Canada, and passengers that are disembarking are not being screened, or asked questions.

Whatever the answers are, we can be assured that we lowly taxpaying minions will never be told the truth from this government.

As for Sophie, I trust I speak for all Canadians, in wishing her a speedy recovery, and that her husband and children do not get infected.