Canadian media toadies have no interest in exposing the truth about their benefactor Justin Trudeau and his Liberals but they have no problem sticking their noses where they don’t belong – namely, in the US and other countries toward policies and events they don’t approve of .

This is a prime example of Canada’s lapdog media ignoring the story behind the story.

Yesterday, the real reason came out about why rookie Toronto area  Liberal MP Geng Tan decided not to run in the upcoming October election.

He cited “family reasons” but it turned out that those “family reasons” had a whole new twist to them.

In politics, timing is everything.The allegations presented to Mr. Tan were supposed to be revealed to him on June 15 2019 – he never showed for the meeting –  and he decided “unexpectedly” not to run for re-election on June 16, 2019.

According to the Hill Times, “The former constituency office staffer who alleges she had an extramarital affair with Liberal MP Geng Tan and has a two-year-old baby girl is claiming she was fired from her job without cause and that the outgoing MP has so far not paid any child support. Ying (Stella) Yu, who is in her early 50s, claimed she had been in a “personal relationship” with Mr. Tan, 56, since 2013, but the relationship ended in 2018.

She said she sent two letters to the MP through her lawyers in May 2017 and February 2018, demanding to know why she was allegedly fired without cause and to ask for child support for her baby girl who, she said, she had with Mr. Tan. Ms. Yu said she never received any response until last week from Mr. Tan to the two letters. Through a mutual friend, Mr. Tan had allegedly agreed to meet with Ms. Yu on Saturday, June 15, to come up with an agreement about child support payment, but the MP cancelled the meeting saying he was busy campaigning, according to Ms. Yu.

Mr. Tan’s response to these allegations was quite interesting:

“There was a sperm donation,” said Mr. Tan. “That’s all I can tell you at this moment.”

No allegation has been tested in a court of law.”

Sun Columnist Brian Lilley had a column on the allegations against Geng Tan and in it, referenced the fact that the story received wide coverage in Mandarin newspapers and mentioned in “The Epoch Times” and how the CBC and other mainstream outlets were too busy bashing Conservatives and Donald Trump’s handling of the US southern border crisis to focus on one of their own.


Aside from the “baby daddy” allegations reported in the Epoch Times – but not by CBC and other mainstream outlets was this from The Epoch Times:

“Tan is the first mainland Chinese immigrant to become a member of Parliament after winning in the newly created riding of Don Valley North during the 2015 federal elections.


Prior to becoming an MP, Tan held executive positions in a number of Chinese community organizations in the Toronto area that have close ties to the Chinese consulate.


Tan ran into a few other controversies in the lead up to the 2015 election and after becoming an MP.


Tan, 56, grew up in Hunan Province in southern China. He moved to Canada in the late 1990s, and earned a Master’s and a PhD degree in chemical engineering and applied chemistry from the University of Toronto. In the early 2000s while at the University of Toronto, Tan was the head of the university’s Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA) for two terms.


CSSAs are known for their close links to Chinese consulates. The “About Us” section of the University of Toronto’s CSSA says the chapter was founded by the Chinese consulate. In a speech in 2018, U.S. Vice President Mike Pence said CSSAs “alert Chinese consulates and embassies when Chinese students, and American schools, stray from the Communist Party line.”


Online reports also show Tan meeting with the leaders of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office, a Chinese regime agency that operates under China’s United Front organization. The United Front is a key organization of the Chinese Communist Party whose mandate includes controlling overseas communities and exerting influence in other countries.


Among the people attending Tan’s press conference in 2014 announcing his intention to seek the Liberal Party nomination were then-Ontario cabinet minister Michael Chan, as well as executives of Chinese community organizations with links to Beijing including the CTCCO and National Congress of Chinese Canadians (NCCC). Ping Tan, a longtime executive of CTCCO and NCCC, who was at one time referred to as the consulate’s “go-to-person,” also attended.


During the 2014 Liberal candidacy contest for the 2015 federal election, Tan reportedly got support from Chan to have the nomination date extended so that he could collect more members and votes, according to a report by the Globe and Mail citing party insiders.


The article noted that on the nomination voting day, supporters of Tan’s competitor, Rana Sarkar—who initially was leading—reported seeing Tan’s voters arriving in buses, almost all of them non-English speakers past the age of 60. Tan contested this assertion, saying his voters were both young and old.


Among Tan’s more controversial acts while an MP was delivering a letter on behalf of a Chinese-Canadian Liberal Party donor and businessman charged with fraud to the Canadian Embassy in Beijing in 2017.  Embassy staff later passed on the document to the RCMP.


David Mulroney, a former Canadian ambassador to China, expressed surprise at the MP’s conduct, telling the Globe last year when the news about the issue broke that “it is the kind of thing you do in China … when you try to use your prestige or connections to smooth something over. It is not how things are done in Canada.”


Sad to say under this Liberal Party, using prestige and connections to “smooth things over” is the way things are done these days. There are stories too numerous to cite of this kind of influence being more as the norm rather than the exception.

This story illustrates the need for alternate news sources to get at the truth – the story behind the story. Our mainstream media is too concerned with getting the Liberals re-elected in any way they can, thanks to the Liberal sanctioned and taxpayer funded 600 million dollar media bailout.

They smear Conservatives as racists and bigots, create controversies where none exist and the worst part – not doing what they are supposed to do – report the news as it happens, not  the way they want it to happen.

It’s no wonder these Liberals are hellbent on trying to suppress alternative points of view so that  truth like this does not leak out. Credit goes to columnists like Brian Lilley and news sites like The Epoch Times, for putting stories like this out there for us to find.


Thankfully, there are many alternative news sources that will report the truth as it stands. These stories came from an alternate source – the Epoch Times and via the Mandarin media. They have been on it for quite a while and if it wasn’t for Brian Lilley mentioning it in his column about the controversy, this post would not be written.