Dear Reader,

I am less than $100,000 in donations away from getting on the ballot.

We have well over 2,000 signatures.

I need your help today.   Please donate at https://donate.conservative.ca/en/karahalios/.

We started just six weeks ago – second last of the 8 candidates.

We are fast outpacing the other 5 candidates trying to join establishment Red Tories Erin O’Toole and Peter MacKay on the ballot.

I am in the best position to STOP the Red Tory coronation.

There are only 15 days left to raise $300,000.

I am the closest to getting there of the 6 candidates remaining.

Let’s not waste any time or take any chances.

Not all 6 candidates will get there.

If we risk it, none of the 6 will make it.

I am almost there.  The other 5 are farther behind on signatures and donations.

With your generosity, we will get on the ballot in days.

Please consider donating at https://donate.conservative.ca/en/karahalios/.

Ask your friends and family members to donate as well.

Tell them – “Jim is really close to getting on the ballot!  This is what he’s running on so far and he’s only just started:”

1. Drill, Drill, and build pipelines from coast to coast
2. Axe the Carbon Tax – all of them
3. Get OUT of the Paris Accord
4. Criminalize the trespass of critical infrastructure
5. Defund the CBC – all of it
6. Free votes for MPs on matters of conscience
7. Stop Shariah Law and Shariah Financing

I will have more to announce soon.  Conservative policies that the grassroots will believe in and be proud of.

Strengthening the west, while winning in the GTA, and uniting the conservative movement.

Fighting corruption by cleaning up politics and government.

The Conservative and Liberal establishment know this.

They know we are getting close.

They know we can win.

They know we will beat Justin Trudeau.

And they know we will clean up politics.

So they are getting scared.  They’ve already started their attacks.

Click on the image below to watch a short video of two establishment leftist lobbyists attacking me on the CBC and CTV over my environmental plan to drill, drill, drill, build pipelines, and adapt.


We’ve heard and seen worse.

We’ll show them the Right Way Forward.

We can’t stop now.  The best is yet to come.

Jim Karahalios
Conservative Party of Canada Leadership Candidate
The Right Way Forward
Founder of Axe The Carbon Tax and Take Back Our PC Party

P.S.  DONATE TO GET ME ON THE BALLOT!  I am the closest to getting on the ballot of the 6 candidates not named O’Toole or MacKay.  I need less than $100,000 in donations.  Click here to donate online.  Please spread the word and ask your friends and family to also donate!