Dear Reader,

Are you sick of being called a bigot because you disagree with them?  I am.

Remember when Doug Ford was told not to campaign for Andrew Scheer?  No one believed that he was “too busy” governing.

Yesterday, Doug defended Erin O’Toole’s Campaign Chair, Walied Soliman.  See the image below.

Earlier in the day, I wrote about Soliman advocating for the emergence of Shariah Law in Canada’s financial sector – also known as Islamic Finance – in a 2007 Globe and Mail article.  In 2019 in the Toronto Sun, Tarek Fatah referred to Shariah financed mortgages as “deception.”  Click here to read my email.

So, why would Doug step into federal politics now, to defend Soliman – Patrick Brown’s former Campaign Chair?

Four weeks ago, Doug appointed Soliman as the chair of a “task force” to “modernize and streamline” financial securities regulations in Ontario.  Click here for the report.

In response to my email, Erin, his paid staffers, and other hired guns, took to social media to defend their political “business interests” by publicly attacking me – some defended Shariah finance.



“Sh_tbag … disqualify him now.”

“Shouldn’t be permitted to run for anything, anymore.”


“Pitiable … bigot…he has no place in the party of Stephen Harper.”

More on these individuals and their records later.

This is what the establishment Red Tories like Erin O’Toole do.

They pretend to fight cancel culture when they want your vote.

But if you say something they don’t like, or take a position on policy they disagree with, or if you dare reveal their “deception”, they attack your character, smear your name, and like true left-wing social justice warriors they call for your banishment.

I need your help.

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We need to STOP the Red Tory coronation.

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I don’t want to see our Party run by those who believe in persecuting grassroots conservatives for speaking out or for disagreeing with them.

I am the best candidate to STOP the Red Tory coronation.

Then we will beat Justin Trudeau.

There should only be one law in Canada.  As Prime Minister I will stop Shariah finance and Shariah law.

That is the Right Way Forward.

We can’t stop now.  The best is yet to come.

Jim Karahalios
Conservative Party of Canada Leadership Candidate
The Right Way Forward
Founder of Axe The Carbon Tax and Take Back Our PC Party

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