Dear Reader,


Hundreds of millions of dollars in property and travellers – derailed.

A carbon tax that shatters our constitution and hinders our economy.

A $20 billion energy project by Teck abandoned – just one more of several.

Trudeau dithers.  The establishment dithers.

What happened to the Rule of Law?  What happened to leadership?

Our plan is leading the way forward – the Right Way Forward. 

1.  Axe the Carbon Tax – all of them.  Last August, I wrote a column in the Financial Post (click here) offering a better way the Ford government could fight Trudeau’s carbon tax in court. Yesterday, the Alberta government won their court challenge, 4 to 1;

2.  Get Canada OUT of the Paris Accord – yesterday, a Sun columnist agreed (click here) but not Peter MacKay; and

3.  Stop future blockades by criminalizing the trespass of critical infrastructure projects designed to shut down our economy (click here).

The establishment offer no ideas that will help us move forward.  Instead, some of them, like the campaign of Red Tory Erin O’Toole, have some funny ideas.  More on that later.

Help me send a message to the Conservative establishment.

Help me send a message to the Liberal establishment.

It’s time to clean up politics.  It’s time to clean up government.

I need 3,000 signatures by March 25th to enter the Conservative Party leadership race.  See below for more information.

We can’t stop now, the best is yet to come.

Jim Karahalios
Conservative Party Leadership Candidate
The Right Way Forward
founder of Axe The Carbon Tax

P.S.  I need your help to get to 3,000 signatures of Conservative Party members by March 25th.  Sign my endorsement form and have others do the same.  Click on the link below.


Help Me Get to 3,000 Signatures By March 25th!

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