Dear Reader,

Have you ever heard of the term “cancel culture?”

It’s when left-wing social justice warriors publicly humiliate or shame individuals for actions they perceive to be offensive – usually on social media – in an attempt to “cancel” them and their opinion.

Rather than discussing the criticism or showing evidence where the criticism is incorrect, “cancel culture” involves bullying to delegitimize the individual.

Erin O’Toole: Cancel Culture Champion

Yesterday, Erin called my pledge to stop Shariah Law in Canada’s financial sector (also known as Islamic Finance) as “bigotry” that will lead to “electoral obliteration for our Party” (I’ll have more to say about “electoral obliteration” tomorrow.)  Click here for the article in the National Post.

Below is an image of Erin’s quote from the article.

In the same article, he added, “For the sake of our Party — and respect for our members — every leadership candidate should join me (and Jason Kenney and Doug Ford) in condemning his disgraceful rhetoric.”

On Twitter, Erin continued his team’s attempted public shaming of me by stating “it’s time to denounce the deception and racism creeping into this race.  To compare these shameful tactics to legitimate debate between candidates is unbecoming.”  See an image of Erin’s Tweet below.

Two weeks ago, Erin O’Toole was out campaigning against “cancel culture,” calling it “cultural marxism.” Click here for an article.

Now, Erin and his team have embraced “cancel culture.”  They even found a left-wing social justice group to partner with.

Calling For My Disqualification

The Post reported that the “president” of a left-wing social justice group called the Urban Alliance on Race Relations, Nigel Barriffe, sent a letter to the Party calling for me to be disqualified from the leadership race as a result of my “deeply offensive comments.”

Barriffe pointed to my email from last Saturday and a Facebook graphic that my campaign put up for about an hour before taking it down.

Back in October of 2019, Barriffe appeared in a 5 minute interview on CTV News on Justin Trudeau’s blackface past, where not once did he call for Trudeau’s resignationClick here to watch it.

Orchestrated Outrage

The National Post and the Toronto Sun are both owned by the same company – Post Media.

Last year, the Sun published two columns (here and here) by Tarek Fatah, about two individuals in Ontario who were acquitted of a dozen criminal charges for taking money from a mortgage company, after the judge validated aspects of Sharia law in reaching her decision. 

Apparently, the National Post now believes that me taking the same position that Fatah took a few months ago, sparked “outrage” in the Conservative Party.

The truth is, Erin’s team orchestrated this entire “fake” outrage because our campaign is a threat.

I mentioned that I do not want to see our Conservative Party run by individuals who persecute and attack grassroots conservatives for speaking out and disagreeing with them.

That’s exactly what Erin’s team did this week.

When conservatives are winning – left-wing social justice warriors attack.

We are winning. 

I need your help. 

There is only one way to stop this Red Tory Coronation.

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We can’t stop now.  The best is yet to come.

Jim Karahalios
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P.P.S.  When I was on CTV and CBC last week, I made it clear that my campaign isn’t being run to satisfy the media. Click on the image below to see their reaction as I lay out my environmental plan – “drill, drill, build pipelines, and adapt.”