Dear Reader,

Carbon taxes are a racket.

And the Paris Accord is a heist.

As a lawyer with two degrees in civil engineering – one that focussed on environmental engineering – I have debated carbon tax advocates on both of these issues before and I am ready to do it again.  Click here to watch.

Getting Canada out of the Paris Accord and Justin Trudeau’s carbon tax agenda, is the Right Way Forward for our Conservative Party and for Canada.

Here are just three principled conservative reasons why:

1.  Weakened Canadian sovereignty

The primary and most fundamental obligation of our government is to protect the interests of its people and the nation’s sovereignty.  The Paris Accord is not in the best interests of Canada and weakens our parliamentary democracy at both the federal and provincial levels.  Our federal government is supposed to be accountable to Canadians, not to the United Nations or other countries.  Justin Trudeau has already used the Paris Accord to over step Canada’s constitutional tradition of respecting federal and provincial jurisdiction, to force the provinces to implement carbon taxes.

2.  A regressive carbon tax, making Canadians poorer

Support for the Paris Accord means increasing the regressive carbon tax, and other taxes, on Canadians, for years to come.  Carbon tax advocacy groups have stated that in order for Canada to meet its obligations under the Paris Accord, it will require a carbon tax of $210 per tonne (more than 10 times the current $20 per tonne), or as Lorrie Goldstein of the Sun has previously pointed out, it will require our government sending billions of dollars out of Canada in order to buy “carbon offsets” from other countries.

3.  A slowing economy

The Paris Accord and carbon taxes are the biggest fiscal policy issues of our time.  Supporters of the Paris Accord are determined to slow the growth of Canada’s largest economic sectors.  The Paris Accord and Justin Trudeau’s carbon tax agenda, will hinder Canada’s economic growth for year’s to come.  It will drive jobs out of Canada and into countries with poor environmental standards.

What are the positions of the Red Tory establishment candidates?

1.  Erin O’Toole favours the Paris Accord and carbon taxes

Since I announced I was gathering signatures to enter the Conservative Party leadership race, Erin O’Toole has claimed that he is opposed to the Conservative Party becoming “liberal-lite.”  O’Toole’s record, however, shows us that he is in fact the exact “liberal-lite” conservative that he now claims he is running against – especially when it comes to the Paris Accord and Justin Trudeau’s carbon tax agenda.

As columnist Andrew Coyne then wrote, during the 2017 Conservative leadership, O’Toole put forward a carbon pricing plan that was “clearly aiming to lure [Michael] Chong voters his way, if not as their first choice than as their second and subsequent choices.”  Chong was at least honest in his 2017 Conservative leadership campaign as being the only candidate in the race publicly in favour of a carbon tax.

A couple of weeks after the 2017 Conservative leadership race ended, O’Toole followed up his campaign with a vote in Parliament in support of the Paris Accord.  In this current leadership race, O’Toole has promised to reveal a pro-Paris Accord carbon pricing plan.

2.  Peter MacKay calls the Paris Accord “aspirational”

Last week, Peter MacKay called Justin Trudeau’s Paris Accord commitments “aspirational.”  MacKay announced he wouldn’t abandon the targets as that would be “hypocritical.”

The real hypocrisy is when establishment Red Tory candidates like MacKay and O’Toole, claim they are against a carbon tax while they are in favour of the Paris Accord.

For Canadians, there is nothing “aspirational” about the Paris Accord or Justin Trudeau’s carbon tax agenda.

Staying in the Paris Accord will: weaken Canadian sovereignty, make Canadians poorer through a regressive carbon tax, slow economic growth, and drive jobs out of Canada and into countries with poor environmental standards.

Stephen Harper’s principled opposition to the Kyoto Accord

As Conservative Party Leader and as Prime Minister, Stephen Harper took a principled stand against the Kyoto Accord – the forerunner to the Paris Accord.  As Prime Minister, he pulled Canada out of the Kyoto Accord, in part because the obligations would have ended up costing Canadians over $14 billion.  Stephen Harper’s electoral successes were because of, and not in spite of, his strong leadership on this issue.

Unlike Stephen Harper, MacKay and O’Toole are in favour of and promote the Paris Accord and Justin Trudeau’s carbon tax agenda (even though they are not willing to tell you).

I am the only candidate in this race committed to seeing our Conservative Party take the same principled position against the Paris Accord as Stephen Harper did against the Kyoto Accord.

When we beat Justin Trudeau, I will get Canada out of the Paris Accord and I will Axe the Carbon Tax.

That’s the Right Way Forward for our Conservative Party, and for Canada.

We can’t stop now.  The best is yet to come!

Jim Karahalios
The Right Way Forward
Founder of Axe The Carbon Tax

P.S. LET’S GET CANADA OUT OF THE PARIS ACCORD and AXE THE CARBON TAX!  In order for the Conservative Party to oppose the Paris Accord and Justin Trudeau’s carbon tax agenda, I need your help to get to 3,000 signatures by March 25th.  Click here to download my endorsementform.  If you aren’t a member of the Conservative Party of Canada, don’t worry, you can still join by visiting https://donate.conservative.ca/membership/ and your endorsement will go towards the 3,000 signatures I need by the end of March.