Dear Reader,

Have you ever noticed that establishment Red Tories behave like Liberals?  When you disagree with them, they persecute you.

They have a very high tolerance for … corruption.

And a very low tolerance for … disagreement.

If you call for an end to voter fraud, they shrug it off and say “that’s just politics.”

But if you disagree with them on policy they call for your banishment.

Just like in this leadership.

We hit $150,000 in donations last weekend.

The Party has verified and approved 3,000 signature endorsements.

That means, the only thing standing in my way from getting on the ballot is less than $75,000 in donations.

Please donate today at https://donate.conservative.ca/en/karahalios/.

We are winning.

The establishment knows this.

So, they are getting desperate.

Last Saturday, I wrote – I don’t want to see our Conservative Party of Canada fall into the hands of those who believe in persecuting grassroots conservatives for speaking out or disagreeing with them. 

Later in the day, members of the Peter MacKay and Erin O’Toole campaigns, took to social media to do just that and shame anyone who dared disagree with them.

Patrick Brown took to Twitter to say I shouldn’t even be allowed to be a candidate.  See the image below.

Other members of the MacKay and O’Toole teams agreed with Brown.

We never hear this same level of outrage from establishment Red Tories over rigged elections or over Red Tory coronations.

Their outrage is specifically reserved for real elections – the ones they usually lose.

We are winning, so they are getting desperate.

We are way ahead of the other 5 candidates trying to join O’Toole and MacKay on the ballot.

There are only 13 days left to raise the required $300,000 and acquire 3,000 signatures.

I need your help.  Please donate today at https://donate.conservative.ca/en/karahalios/.

I am the closest to getting there of the 6 candidates remaining.

They know I am the candidate that poses the greatest threat to beating O’Toole and MacKay.

Let’s not waste any time or take any chances.

Not all 6 candidates will get there.

I am almost there.

With your generosity, we will get on the ballot in a couple of days.

I need your help today.   Please donate at https://donate.conservative.ca/en/karahalios/.

Ask your friends and family members to donate as well.

I am the best candidate to STOP the Red Tory coronation.

Then we will beat Justin Trudeau.

We can’t stop now.  The best is yet to come.

Jim Karahalios
Conservative Party of Canada Leadership Candidate
The Right Way Forward
Founder of Axe The Carbon Tax and Take Back Our PC Party

P.S.  DONATE TO GET ME ON THE BALLOT!  I am the closest to getting on the ballot of the 6 candidates not named O’Toole or MacKay.  I need less than $75,000 in donations.  Click here to donate online.  Please spread the word and ask your friends and family to also donate!