Justin Trudeau’s drama lessons sure haven’t paid dividends since he became Prime Minister, especially in Question Period.

Over the years, his arrogance, condescending attitude and ego shows through time and time again as he tries (and fails miserably) to answer questions from the opposition, fitting to the parliamentary process in Canada’s Houses of Parliament.


These gaffes have resulted in a treasure trove of memes and clips on YouTube and social media.

With this being an election year, a trip down memory lane is a great way to see his arrogance on display.

The hit parade of hits starts in 2018.

“Trudeau was asked a question about his trip to the Aga Khan’s private island. Conservative MP Rosemarie Falk pointed out that Trudeau told veterans there isn’t any more money for them, while putting taxpayers on the hook for $200K in costs for his trip.Then, Falk asked Trudeau when he would pay it back. But instead of answering, Trudeau hid behind Bardish Chagger, having her answer the question instead. Even worse, he chose to sign autographs instead of answer the question.”



What other Prime Minister in Canadian history gets questioned about colouring books? It’s a very short clip but illustrates the ridicule that befalls Trudeau on a daily basis in Question Period. When you’re Justin Trudeau and you show nothing but contempt for the Parliamentary process, it happens. “The MP – who can be heard but is not identified in the video – asked, “did you run out of colouring books Justin?””



Trudeau’s background in drama has him playing to the gallery instead of answering questions via the Speaker to the Opposition.

“During Question Period, Justin Trudeau was questioned about his “year of failure,” by Opposition Leader Andrew Scheer.

Andrew Scheer responded back to Trudeau’s condescending answer  with this comeback: “Justin Trudeau didn’t seem to like my simple questions on his year of failure yesterday. Come 2019, Canadians will send someone to his chair who isn’t afraid of answering the tough questions.”


“During Question Period, Justin Trudeau was given numerous chances to condemn the horrendous tweet from Gerald Butts that compared Trudeau critics to “Nazis.”

Here’s what Butts tweeted:

“As the Conservatives pointed out in Question Period, the tweet by Butts – who Trudeau has said in the past speaks for him – is deeply disturbing.

That’s why Trudeau’s response in Question Period would be so important. He was given a choice between condemning the dangerous and divisive rhetoric of Gerald Butts, or he could support it through his refusal to condemn it. Given the chances he was given, he did not condemn what Butts said.”


“The Conservatives have a basic question, how much will greenhouse gas emissions go down as a result of the $50 a tonne carbon tax that Trudeau is bringing in. If the policy is based on science, on evidence, then the answer should be easy to provide.”  Not for Justin Trudeau.


No one gets under Trudeau’s skin better than Conservative finance critic Pierre Poilievre.  In this 11 minute clip, Poilievre schools Trudeau over and over and over and over with questions about his ethics violations, and clearly got into Trudeau’s head.”

“On many of the questions, Poilievre made references to generic unethical acts, and Trudeau hilariously assumed that it was relating to his own behaviour – showing what seemed like a guilty conscience. Then, Trudeau just gave up and started giving pathetic lectures on how the system works and pretended that legitimate questions about his ethics violations were somehow personal attacks and mudslinging.”


2017 and 2016 saw some epic takedowns, courtesy of former NDP leader Thomas Mulcair.

In this clip, he made reference to the infamous cardboard cutout of Trudeau – noting that “We really could replace him with a cardboard cut-out, Mr. Speaker” “And his peanut gallery would never know the difference!”


“Conservative MP Chris Warkentin tried, in jest, to table a life-size cardboard cutout of Justin Trudeau in the House. The Tories questioned the government on why nearly $1,900 was spent on cutouts of the prime minister.”


  • This wasn’t the first time that Mulcair took Trudeau to task over his abysmal record of attendance in Question Period. In December 2016,  Mulcair calls into question both the Prime Ministers’ lack of attendance in the House of Commons and the Liberal fundraising controversy.


You Tube is a treasure trove of videos of Trudeau’s performance in Question Period.

Along with the ones above, here are two others – a small sample of what is out there showing the ineptness, arrogance, elitism and arrogance of Justin Trudeau.


  • #1: TOP 5 OWNED Trudeau Question Period Moments – YouTube



  • #2: Trudeau Gets Completely Owned In Question Period – YouTube



We all may laugh at Trudeau’s bumbling answers, his many “ummmms” in Question Period and beyond, but it’s a pretty sad state of affairs when the leader of Canada is held up to ridicule to the level that Trudeau is.


That being said, Justin Trudeau deserves each and every bit of ridicule and mockery that is thrown his way. He has embarrassed Canada here at home and on the international stage over and over and over.


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It certainly isn’t befitting a leader and as funny as these clips can be, Canada can’t afford to have another term of embarrassing clips like these.