Massive disinformation is required to achieve the climate change agenda.

Within the argument of climate change is this fear that polar bear population is on the decline – because of climate change. Yet we are told that the human population is the cause of climate change because we are using up too much of the earths resources.

Its ok for all the species to use up the resources…all the species except the human race

Consider this – if the entire human population lived in similar close quarters like they do in Paris, we could fit into the smallest mainland US state. We are not overpopulated and we are not using too much of our resources.

Tim Ball, presented with the Lifetime Achievement in Climate Science Award from The Heartland Institute at the Thirteenth International Conference on Climate Change, explains what started the fear mongering by the climate mob, in this video.

The climate mob are more political and more manipulative than those they are attacking.

With energy and the environment playing an important role in the fall election, Canadians face starkly different policy positions from political parties – here is a list of little-known facts and utter hypocrisy to keep in mind when you vote.

  • firstly, climate is global – not national – therefore there is no such thing as a “national” climate emergency
  • after hundreds of billions of dollars invested, wind and solar contribute just two per cent of global energy supply
  • IPCC would have us believe that fossil fuel emissions are the sole reason for climate change but as the world becomes more urbanized it doesn’t take sophisticated computer models to tell us that cities are hotter
  • trying to deal with any problem without considering all possible causes is both a foolish and dangerous strategy
  • the Liberal government’s proposed “national clean fuel standard” requires increased biofuel content in motor fuels forcing deforestation to minimize shortage of food supply as well it forces food prices to increase
  • Toronto and Victoria, are looking to sue fossil-fuel producers for causing climate change, but 70 per cent of emissions come from their own constituents – imagine the hysteria when the taps get turned off
  • B.C. Premier Horgan, a champion of carbon taxes, called an enquiry to investigate high gasoline prices, but prohibited the enquiry panel from considering the price impact of provincial taxes
  • he also wants Alberta to build a new refinery to supply his province, but he’s against the pipeline that’s needed to carry it
  • the Trudeau government implemented a tanker ban prohibiting movement of Canadian oil on the northern B.C. coast. Meanwhile, hundreds of tankers churn through the delicate and much more enclosed St. Lawrence carrying oil from Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Russia, Iraq, Nigeria, Angola and Algeria

    Gerald Butts, former principal secretary to the prime minister, is back to help the Liberals win re-election. Before joining the Prime Minster’s Office, Butts was CEO of World Wildlife Canada (WWF), an organization dedicated to “landlocking” the oilsands by stopping new pipelines. In his role as head honcho of the PMO, he was the mastermind behind policies that could cripple our country’s oil industry

The climate change industry has zero interest in any aspect of the environment beyond the CO2 because humans only impact on the environment is through CO2.

To shut down industrial nations you have to shut down human induced CO2 – shut down the oil industry. Why target the Canadian oil industry and not the foreign oil industry? It is our standard of living, distances between centres and harsh winters that requires larger amounts of resources.

Since 2015 we have had a government willing to sacrifice our country to help usher in a global government of socialism.

This October be sure to decimate the Federal Liberal party by getting out the vote and get Andrew Scheer to be our next Prime Minister.