Never in my lifetime would I ever think that headlines like this – Chaos has come to Canada under Trudeau — and it could quickly get much worse” – would be written about our country. But, they are being written and it’s getting to the point of no return as our government seems to have other priorities.


When the Deputy Prime Minister of Canada is blocked from entering a building by foreign funded radicals, the time is long past due to restore law and order to Canada.


The whole problem is – who is policing who?

Police forces like the OPP are turning a blind eye to protesters and are being selective as to what media is allowed at the blockades while police in BC arrest a citizen for trying to take down a blockade. 


So, why has “Law And Order Has Broken Down in Canada?”


Because we have a leader and his rabid followers who subscribe to their own radical climate agenda (Bill C-69) and an even more radical UN agenda that called for the shutdown of our pipelines, and who recently called on Canada “to immediately stop construction of the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion, the Site C dam and the Coastal GasLink pipeline that would feed the massive LNG Canada project in Kitimat.”  


What the UN did not take into account was First Nations support for these projects, owing to how they would greatly benefit the economy.  The biggest irony here was that this “anti racism” committee “flagged threats of police violence against Indigenous opponents of the projects.”


Another part of the equation where the Liberals and the UN are concerned is the 2007 “United Nations United Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples” which, among other things, calls for Canadian governments to seek the “free, prior and informed consent” of Indigenous people over large-scale economic development projects that may impair their rights, culture and way of life.”


Even former Liberal Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould had an issue with this, noting that “simplistic approaches, such as adopting the UNDRIP as being Canadian law, are unworkable.” In another comment, she said “it is important to appreciate how come it cannot be simply incorporated, word for word, into Canadian law.”



When Trudeau’s minority government took back the reins of power in October, 2019, the post-election mandate letter to Carolyn Bennett as Minister of Indigenous Relations, was instructed to “support the minister of justice and attorney general of Canada in work to introduce co-developed legislation to implement the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples by the end of 2020.”


Seeing this government’s slavish devotion to the U.N – whether it is their own radical climate along with the  United Nations United Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples” and Trudeau’s obsession with gaining a seat on the UN Security Council where he actually gave Canadian money to Senegal for their gas and oil business, the rest of the Liberal do-nothing ministers ministers would rather stay silent, wanting to “dialogue” and offering cheap platitudes to fed up Canadians instead of taking the action needed to stop these foreign funded activists like “Extinction Rebellion”  from holding Canada for ransom.



At a press conference today (February 14, 2020), Transportation Minister Marc Garneau said that while “he respects the rule of law”, dialogue and reconciliation will be the way that peace will be achieved. In other words, keep up with the status quo and in spite of talk of “respecting the rule of law,” nothing will change.


While that was happening, Justin Trudeau was in Munich Germany giving a speech at a security conference, blethering on about respecting the “rule of law” when it came to the blockades and “dialoguing” with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad-Javad Zarif who, according to sources, thinks that Canada “has no legal basis for claims against Iran” for their complicity in shooting down the Ukrainian airliner that killed 58 Canadians and who also blamed ‘US adventurism” for the Iranian military shooting down a passenger jet.




It’s hard to believe that all of this has happened in one week  – and a partial list of the stories gives an idea just how far down the rabbit hole Canada has fallen in such a short period of time.



And now, as of February 12, 2020, VIA RAIL and CN have shut down passenger and freight traffic across Canada, all thanks to this Liberal government’s lack of action, of insistence on “dialogue” as their plank to resolve this issue. CN and VIA should hold the government liable for failing to enforce laws that protect private property and to allow commerce to go forward across Canada.


Given the rich history of the railway in Canada as both as a unifying force and the fact that it is part of the economic engine that drives Canada, we are effectively closed for business. It’s being reported today on a Toronto radio station (Newstalk 1010) that  that “Toronto could soon run out of clean drinking water as woke protesters are blocking rail service used to transfer chlorine” and the possibility of 6,000 CN workers across Canada that could be laid off.




While Conservative leader Andrew Scheer and Conservative leadership hopeful Erin O’Toole are both outraged at these developments, Alberta Premier Jason Kenney is the one carrying the weight of opposition to Trudeau’s “hands off policies” toward these protests.

Kenney says that these protests are just a “dress rehearsal for future fights” which include TransMountain, the Frontier Oilsands and the Teck mine, all of which affect Alberta directly.


The Trudeau government finds itself in a giant pickle, as approval of Frontier and Teck will go against his climate agenda and set off yet another round of protests – as opposed to approving the projects and giving Alberta a much needed economic lifeline to help ward off renewed talks of the WEXIT separation movement.  As it stands, Trudeau’s crumbs to Alberta in the form of a payout package is just another slap in the face to the province.


This is no way to run a country. As Canadians, we are expected to obey the rule of law and for our leaders to do the same and to enforce these laws – the laws they put down on paper.


 And when those laws are broken, our officials have to act to restore order from chaos instead of virtue signaling and inaction and reliance on “dialogue” and “reconciliation.”


Think back to what government inaction did in the past at Oka, Gustafsen Lake, BC, Ontario’s Ipperwash Provincial Park standoff – and one of the worst standoffs in Canada at Caledonia, ON, which was expertly documented by the late Christie Blatchford in her book “Helpless.”

It’s ironic that Blatchford’s book about Caledonia is an eerie harbinger of what is happening today across Canada and along with that, how a Ontario judge, back in 2013, warned that protests like what are happening today were made possible when court injunctions were not upheld by police forces back in 2013.


The time has passed for that, the time has come for those in power to put on their big boy and girl britches and take back the country from these radical protesters and get back to the business of governing the country they were elected to govern. The more the Liberals pander to the radicals, the more empowered they become and the more chance there is for tragic incidents to happen.


Conservative leader Andrew Scheer has it right when he says this:

“I would direct the RCMP to enforce the law” as PM, Scheer says. They are threatening the jobs of thousands, he adds. “These activists may have the luxury of spending days at a time” at a blockade, “but they need to check their privilege.”

Activists not acting in the interests of First Nations people. “If they claim to care about Indigenous issues, they’re doing it wrong. If we want to respect First Nations’ will on this, we should be supporting Coastal GasLink,” Scheer says.

Activists are “missing out on fact” that project has support from band councils and others along the route, he says. “it’s time for the law to be enforced” to clear the blockades. He is asking PMJT to tell Public Safety Minister Bill Blair to end the blockades.”


What we are witnessing now isn’t protesting – which we all have the right to do – it’s thuggery, pure and simple and it has to stop now – before tragedy happens and before Canada’s economy and unity slow to a standstill.