Aside from the fact that the outgoing Liberal government’s plans to ban and confiscate all things guns makes no sense and have no mention of doing anything to address gangs, criminals and smuggled guns – the REAL FACTORS in the gun violence that they vow to eliminate – it should be recognized and brought to light that after a while of no word on firearms issues BANG! onto the main stage they come and it wasn’t because of a new found passion for public safety.

In fact that wasn’t it at all.

The real factor here was the necessity to very quickly distract Canadian voters from yet another epic failure of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. This wasn’t an embarrassing trip to a foreign land where he danced his way to higher tariffs for Canadian products, it wasn’t blocking our largest and most lucrative exports of oil and gas, it wasn’t even an ethical or legal issue of corruption of the relationship and deliberate space between executive and judicial branches of government. No, this time it was straight up RACISM. It would seem that Prime Minister Trudeau’s…colours…have certainly come through, as it were.

The grossly embarrassing and hugely racist act – at the age of 29 I might add – is plaguing the PM’s campaign and making it hard for even the most progressive left-leaning Liberal supporters to still believe in their brand and in that of their beloved party Leader, Justin “Blackface/Brownface” Trudeau. Or perhaps he might go by “Alladin”, I’m not sure. Rest assured though, no three wishes are going to get him out of this mess.

But instead of three wishes, Trudeau has one trick under his magic carpet to detract and distract – GUN CONTROL – the likes of which have no actual ability to combat any sort of threat to public safety at all. As the American Democrat governments of the 1990’s and early 2000’s used a Michael Jackson scandal to distract from their government’s failures, so too does the Liberal government of today. But instead of MJ they are picking on LAGOs (Law Abiding Gun Owners). Nothing distracts people more than GUNS. Big, scary, guns. None of which, owned by peaceful civilian hunters and sport shooters, are ever responsible for crimes in this country.

But Justin doesn’t care. He just wants you to forget about his hugely illegal activity, his gross malfeasance with our tax dollars and his racist activity. So he’ll plot people against legal gun owners in hopes that they’ll forget about him. Nice try Mr. Trudeau, but as they say: “that dog don’t hunt”.

It should in fact be REMEMBERED that while the PM’s attempts to secure another victory with a “shotgun” approach may seem like it’s planned and orderly. Rest assured that he and his party are terrified…

…and it’s because they know Canadians will not forget. Their boy wonder partook in blatantly racist acts and it should not be forgotten. Blaming society and privilege for his racist actions was a cop out in a despicable act of passing the buck.

So whatever you remember that infuriates you about the last four years with this terribly irresponsible government, don’t make the mistake Ontario did and keep re-electing the Liberals to decimate this country as they did that province. Let’s be better. Let’s seek out better for all of us.

And let’s not forget why.