How much leeway are Canadians willing to give their governments in order to address the “virus” epidemic?”

Last night, it was reported by various news sources that the Liberal government had put in its pandemic bailout package an order to “grant emergency powers to Finance Minister Bill Morneau, which would allow him the ability to increase taxes and spend without parliamentary approval.”


Needless to say, the outrage toward this was universal condemnation of this abuse of power.

“A Twitter post from prominent Conservative Pierre Poilievre calls the move by the Trudeau Liberals an act of “bad faith,” pointing to how consistently cooperative the Conservative Party has been amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

“In this time of crisis, we assumed the government would act in good faith… But with this bill, it’s clear that they’re using this crisis to carry out a power grab.”


Leader of the Official Opposition Andrew Scheer also let it rip on social media Monday night, announcing that he had full intention of fighting against Trudeau’s “blank cheque.”

“We will not give the government unlimited power to raise taxes without a parliamentary vote. We will authorize whatever spending measures are justified to respond to the situation, but we will not sign a blank cheque,” Scheer said in a statement.


Thankfully, this latest assault on our rights has been rescinded, only because the Liberals got caught trying to sneak in a measure that would have given Justin Trudeau’s government more power than King John had back in 1215, which led to the Magna Carta, which states that no person could be taxed without their consent.


This isn’t the first time the Liberals have buried contentious legislation in a bill. Think back to when the Infrastructure Bill was rushed through and when the equalization formula was extended until 2024, both via budget omnibus bills.

That being said, the next assault on Canada’s civil liberties involves Trudeau and the “Emergencies Act” which is a rewritten version of the War Measures Act, which Trudeau’s father used during the FLQ crisis in the 70’s.

According to Trudeau, “nothing is off the table” when it comes to invoking this act.

So far, provinces such as Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, BC, Manitoba and Newfoundland have declared states of emergency in varying forms, as have many cities in each province.These acts give provinces and cities the authority to deem services as either essential or non-essential and restrict people’s movements, all with police authority to charge businesses or people if these measures are ignored. So far, these measures seem to be working so, why is there a need to take it to a federal level?


“Invoking the federal “Emergencies Act” – which replaced the War Measures Act, overrides any provincial or municipal declaration and must be rescinded within 90 days of inception.

Although the Act covers different kinds of national emergencies, including wars, the relevant one is a “public welfare emergency” endangering public health. When the federal Cabinet declares a public welfare emergency the Act comes into effect on the same day.

  • It automatically expires after ninety days (unless previously revoked or extended).
  • Before making such a declaration the federal Cabinet must consult with the cabinets of every province, but there is no requirement that any or all provinces must agree with the federal Cabinet. The federal Cabinet can do what it wants.

The current pandemic would fall under the Act’s “public welfare emergency” proclamation. If declared, the government would have the power to restrict travel within the country, evacuate Canadians, establish emergency shelters, seize and acquire property, among other drastic measures.

  • If implemented, the Act would also give the federal government power to regulate the distribution of essential goods, services and resources.
  • Part of the legislation also allows the government to order people to provide certain services or goods as it sees fit. “


These are just a few of the basics of this act. While it has yet to be implemented, Canadians have to understand the implications of this act and the fact that this is an unmitigated power grab on the part of this Liberal government – a government led by a leader who went into isolation long before the pandemic happened.


The Conservatives should be screaming from the rooftops as to the draconian nature of this act and acting accordingly. As for the rest of the opposition – they should be doing the same thing as well, but they won’t, as they are all in it for their own gains to push their agendas in the bailout bill, just like U.S. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is doing, as she is holding up a bill that would grant relief to Americans.

In times of crisis, politicians at all levels want to have the impression of “doing something” for their constituents.  But, when you have left leaning politicians at the helm, all common sense goes out of the window.  It’s the nanny state on steroids as these condescending politicos just don’t trust the average Canadian to do the right thing to stay safe, while protecting elements of society that  do not care about safety.


“Consider the left-wing municipal government in Vancouver with the self-righteous mayor Kennedy Stewart.

His government has blocked parking access in the public areas around Stanley Park and the  Sea-wall to stop joggers and cyclists from getting fresh air and exercise. They have also closed access to parks, playgrounds, skateboard parks and other recreational areas.

Instead of dealing with the real threat of vulnerable people contracting a virus or other diseases through unsanitary living conditions and open drug use, the Park Board has ordered all manner of restriction for ordinary Vancouverites who may want to use city parks. Meanwhile, they conveniently ignore the flotsam and jetsam of society who have turned Oppenheimer Park into a ‘No Go’ zone for anyone not inculcated into that anarchistic portion of society. And I might add, in a tent city with nowhere to wash one’s hands. “

While the majority of Canadians are adhering to these necessary restrictions to stop the spread of the Corona virus, there are people who are not – now known as #COVIDIOTS”, hence these draconian measures and calls for the invocation of the Emergency Measures Act by Trudeau and Liberal sycophants who deem it “necessary” to stop the spread of the virus.



“Even conservative MP Rona Ambrose joined in, demanding for a nationwide lockdown. Using the magical collective “us” and “we,” Ambrose stated that the invocation of the Emergency Measures Act would not be seen as an “assault on our civil liberties.”  Speak for yourself, Rona.”

How is it that “Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, and South Korea  – some of the most densely populated countries in the world…managed  –  And yet they were able to manage their outbreaks and flatten their curves with very little government intervention and impacts to their economies and citizens’ ways of life. In South Korea, the border was not even closed.”


In the right hands, this Act could go ahead as it was intended and not be abused, but in the hands of this Liberal government, it is dangerous. Given the fact that they have plans to license journalists and crack down on internet freedoms, it is a bad idea and must be stopped.

The Trudeau Liberals record so far on their handling of this pandemic has been spotty at best and at times, downright scary.

  • “Everyone recalls the disasters at our federally-administered airports, where individuals were walking through customs from coronavirus hotbeds with nary a question as to whether they were feeling feverish. It led to some provinces having to deploy their own agents to airports because the federal CATSA was widely regarded as having no instruction on screening issued down the pipeline to follow.



  • Everyone recalls the lax addresses by Liberal Health Minister Patty Hajdu, who claimed up until just recently that border closures from coronavirus hotbeds were entirely unnecessary and ineffectual. Even Trudeau himself was incapable of deciding whether he wanted to close the illegal border crossing at Roxham road until three days ago.


The examples could continue near-endlessly of Trudeau and the federal government being incapable of managing the situations they had within their control to manage once the coronavirus touched Canadian soil—all of which would demonstrate incompetence.

Provinces have done a good job so far at containing the pandemic. “In the Atlantic Provinces, public gathering spaces have been effectively shut down for over one week. In Nova Scotia, police have been given the authority to fine those breaking social distancing orders up to $1,000. Similar measures harshly penalizing those breaking quarantine have also been taken in Quebec.”

TNC journalist Leo Knight summed up the response to the pandemic this way:

“Please spare us from over-reaching governments who may mean well but don’t know the square root of bugger all about what they are doing. Every politician wants to be seen like they are in control, and that they somehow know better than the rest of us about how this coronavirus outbreak will play out. “


There’s no doubt that this worldwide pandemic has caused undue stress and suffering throughout the world. The economic impact is yet to be determined but there’s no doubt Canada and the world is in for a whole pile of hurt once things settle down and we can hopefully, get back to the business of living.

That being said, Canadians have to be aware just how much is at stake. Regardless of what the clapping seals in the media say, politics is in play in Canada, in the US and in the UK.

Rahm Emanuel-former Obama chief of staff famously said this: “You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”


And this, from an American blog  “The assault on liberty at the hands of the people we elect to protect it has been going on for quite some time with limited success. But the coronavirus could be the thing that helps them cross the finish line in the race toward tyranny”should be the watchword for all of us.


Stay safe. Wash your hands. Stay a safe distance from others. Stay home, work from home, go for walks, go out only when necessary and if you do, take the necessary precautions.


Most of all, let common sense prevail.